Parks & Trails 

Lorne Park Beautiful Flower Gardens

The City of Brantford prides itself on the quality parks and trails it provides season after season for residents and visitors to enjoy. Some parks provide a peaceful, relaxing setting where you can enjoy passive recreational activities, while others are venues for sports and active pursuits. The City's gorgeous private and public gardens have been recognized with several titles in the Communities in Bloom competition.

The City offers nearly 70 kilometers of natural trails that are perfect for running, cycling or hiking. With constant upgrades and additions, there's always somewhere new to explore along the way.


Under Bylaw 102 - 2004 the operation of motorized vehicles and equipment on trails and in city parks is not allowed.

  • this includes ATV's, motorcycles, motorized trail bikes, snowmobiles, motorized scooters, e-bikes, etc.
  • motorized wheelchairs and scooters used by persons with disabilities are allowed on city trails.
  • pedestrians and cyclists use our trails and children play in our parks, please help to keep them safe. 

Thank you for your attention and cooperation regarding this matter.



the operation of concession or mobile/vending cart operations in specified city parks including but not limited to:  Alexandra Park, Brant's Crossing, D'Aubigny Creek Park, John Wright Park and Mohawk Park.

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The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) has advised that the section of the Grand Valley Trail under the 403 bridge that passes under the Grand River will be closed while the 403 bridge is under construction. This closure will be in effect during the 2014 and 2015 construction season.

The dyke trail northwest of Lorne Bridge is closed during construction until Spring 2015 due to uneven and slippery condtions. 

Thank you for your patience.


Please be advised that forestry operations will be undertaken in Waterworks Park during the weeks of March 2 - 13, 2015.

Numerous ash trees infested with Emerald Ash Borer, as well as declining and unsafe red pines adjacent to the parking lot at the main park entrance, are slated for removal. In conjunction with this, additional ash trees and invasive shrubs will also be removed from the ash plantation dating back to the 1930's (inside the park gate, west of the sports fields). This area will be selectively thinned in order to improve desirable growing conditions for other trees in the park.

The area will be restricted with some trails closed for the duration of the work period. All work within the park will be completed by March 13th, 2015. The wood from the removals will be cut into manageable lengths and made available to the public from the parking lot within the park. Please click for a Map of Waterworks Park Tree Removals

Please Note: The Forestry Management of Waterworks Park is critical in order to ensure a safe environment for park and trail users. For more information please contact (519) 756-1500 Ext. 5520.


People play in parks and walk on our trails; they sometimes leave garbage behind.

Dogs play in parks and walk on our trails; they can leave something a little different behind.

The City's goal is to eliminate all "presents" left behind in Brantford's parks and trails, whether it's ourselves or our fine, furry friends who are creating the mess. 

We need your help!

If you're enjoying a day in the park with Fido or taking your dog for a walk on the trails , the City of Brantford implores you to remember two key factors of bylaw #102-2004:

  1. Please keep your furry family member on a leash, unless you're in a designated leash-free park
  2. Please pick up any little "leave-behinds" your dog may drop.  The old 'Stoop and Scoop'!

Following this City of Brantford bylaw will ensure that we can all enjoy our beautiful parks and gardens harmoniously.

Thank you for your cooperation - by working together, we can keep our city clean!