Lorne Park Beautiful Flower Gardens

The City of Brantford prides itself on the quality parks and trails it provides season after season for residents and visitors to enjoy. Some parks provide a peaceful, relaxing setting where you can enjoy passive recreational activities, while others are venues for sports and active pursuits. The City's gorgeous private and public gardens have been recognized with several titles in the Communities in Bloom competition.

The City offers nearly 70 kilometers of natural trails that are perfect for running, cycling or hiking. With constant upgrades and additions, there's always somewhere new to explore along the way.


To all Sports Users ,

Please be advised that due to the extreme cold and wet spring conditions all City of Brantford sports fields will remain closed until further notice.

The scheduled May 1st  opening  date for all play and practices will unfortunately be delayed. 

At this time we are anticipating a start -up date of May 15, 2018.  Note that  Kiwanis Field and  Bisons Alumni North Parks Complex will be reopened as soon as  ice and snow build –up within the facilities have disappeared and are deemed safe for use.   We appreciate your support and understanding on this matter as  staff require adequate time to prepare the fields and ensure safe conditions  for another successful and busy season.  Because of the extreme weather conditions, we have not been able to undertake the necessary inspections, turf maintenance, repairs , lining or grooming  and all other field preparation tasks.  We understand that everyone is eager for spring and to start play as soon as possible but we ask for your patience as staff work hard over the next several weeks to  ensure suitable playing conditions. Even as it becomes warmer and  the sun is shining,  ground conditions remain problematic with heavy clay soils and drainage related issues in many areas.  A reminder that premature field use can lead to severe turf damage,  increased user risk and longer term field closures. 

We will keep you apprised of any further changes to the anticipated start- up on May 15, 2018.


The following 6 parks will be undergoing renovation in 2018-2019. Our public consultation and design process will be conducted throughout 2018 with construction scheduled for Spring of 2019.

  • City View Park
  • Grandwoodlands Park
  • Lansdowne Park
    • A second community open house will be taking place on Wednesday April 25th from 4:30-6:30pm. The meeting will take place at TB Costain Community Center.
    • Please join us for an open house style meeting where we will share a realistic concept of our proposal to relocate the playground in Lansdowne Park to Preston Park.

  • Orchard Park
  • Recreation Park
  • Cockshutt Park 

We are currently in the process of reviewing all the incredible community feedback we have received from our school activity sheets and community open houses. An online survey is now available for our playground renovations. Please share your feedback with us regarding your new playground renovation!

City View Park:

Grandwoodlands Park:


Orchard Park:


Recreation Park:


The City of Brantford Parks & Recreation department is excited to share that a new park will be coming soon in West Brant. Located at the corner of Blackburn Drive and Ferrier Lane, next to St. Basil Catholic Elementary/Walter Gretzky Elementary school, this new park will provide a fun place for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.

This park space is currently an open grass area approximately 4.15 acres in size and includes an intermediate soccer field that has been programmed by Parks & Recreation since the green space became available for recreational use. The remaining area available for development is approximately 1 acre and will be constructed in spring of 2018.


This new park development will include play elements including a junior play structure (ages 2-5), a senior play structure (ages 5-12), a set of swings, benches, lots of new trees and plantings, a half-court for basketball and other activities and many more fun park features. Each play surface will be fully accessible with pave pathways throughout the park for all park-goers to enjoy. The new park will blend well with the existing soccer field.

For more information, please visit the project new park development website


Four parks are scheduled for renovation for 2018. These parks include:

  • Cameron Heights Park
  • Parsons Park
  • Lynden Hills Park
  • Cockshutt Park (now included in our 2018-19 renovations)

Construction is scheduled to begin in Spring-Summer of 2018.

For more information please visit out project page at

or contact:

Mandy Wellsman
Design & Development Assistant

City of Brantford, Parks & Recreation
Phone (519) 756-1500 Ext. 5512
Fax: (519) 759-5975


Pubic Notice - Trail Closures:

  • The trail under the Lorne Bridge is closed due to debris as a result of the February 2018 flood.
  • The Trestle Bridge and old CN Rail Trail pedestrian bridge over the Grand River.  Please click here for a Map of the Downtown area trail closures
  • Gilkison Flats Trails:  All trails in Gilkison Flats area are closed due to debris and infrastructure damage as a result of the February 2018 flood.  Please click here for a Map of Gilkison Flats trail closure
  •  D'Aubigny Creek Park Trails:  All trails in D'Aubigny Creek Park are closed due to debris and infrastructure damage as a result of the February 2018 flood.  Please click here for a Map of D'Aubigny Creek Park Trails.
  • Waterworks Park Trails:  The trails along the river on the west side of the dyke are closed due to debris from the February 2018 flood.  Please click here for a Map of Waterworks Park Trail area.

Drummond Street Bridge

The pedestrian bridge spanning the canal at Drummond Street to Greenwich Street is closed indefinitely due to deterioration. Please click for map of Drummond Street Bridge Closure (PDF format)


People play in parks and walk on our trails; they sometimes leave garbage behind.

Dogs play in parks and walk on our trails; they can leave something a little different behind.

The City's goal is to eliminate all "presents" left behind in Brantford's parks and trails, whether it's ourselves or our fine, furry friends who are creating the mess. 

We need your help!

If you're enjoying a day in the park with Fido or taking your dog for a walk on the trails , the City of Brantford implores you to remember two key factors of bylaw #102-2004:

Please keep your furry family member on a leash, unless you're in a designated leash-free park

Please pick up any little "leave-behinds" your dog may drop. The old 'Stoop and Scoop'!

Thank you for your cooperation - by working together, we can keep our city clean!