Lorne Park Beautiful Flower Gardens

The City of Brantford prides itself on the quality parks and trails it provides season after season for residents and visitors to enjoy. Some parks provide a peaceful, relaxing setting where you can enjoy passive recreational activities, while others are venues for sports and active pursuits. The City's gorgeous private and public gardens have been recognized with several titles in the Communities in Bloom competition.

The City offers nearly 70 kilometers of natural trails that are perfect for running, cycling or hiking. With constant upgrades and additions, there's always somewhere new to explore along the way.

NOTICE:  Waterworks Park Forestry Operations

Please be advised that forestry operations will be undertaken in Waterworks Park during the week of October 17 - 21, 2016.

Numerous ash trees are infested with Emerald Ash Borer, within the Transit yard parking lot close to the main entrance of Waterworks Park.  These trees form part of an extensive ash plantation within the park dating back to the 1930's.  It is anticipated that work will be completed by October 21, 2016.  The wood from the removals will be cut into manageable lengths and made available to the public.

Note that Forestry Management of Waterworks Park is critical in order to ensure a safe environment for employees, park and trail users.  For more information please contact 519-756-1500 Extension 5544.   Thank you. 

Please click here for a map (pdf format) showing the area where trees will be removed.



The section of the dyke trail between Waterworks Park to Wilkes Dam will be closed while it's being paved beginning September 28th.   This work involves paving the last segment from the ramp at Waterworks Park to Wilkes Dam.  Once completed the Dyke Trail will be paved continuously from the Lorne Bridge to Wilkes Dam.   Please click here for trail closure map (pdf format)

Dear Neighbourhood Trail Users:

In addition to the Dyke Trail and main access to Waterworks Park closure, all footpaths north of the Dyke Trail in Waterworks Park have now been CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION.  Please click here for map (pdf format).   Starting Wednesday, October 12, paving equipment will be accessing the Dyke Trail from a ramp in Waterworks Park as well as one of the wide foot paths through a gate from Brantford Transit.   For safety reasons, all access to these footpaths has been closed.  Paving is expected to last until the end of the week.

Access to Waterworks Park footpaths is still available on the SOUTH side of the Dyke Trails from Wilkes Dam.  No access will be permitted to these trails from Waterworks Park.

Please follow and abide by all construction signage.  These areas are closed for public (and pet) safety.  If you do not see construction machinery, it may be out of sight but still moving and dangerous.  Authorized personnel only. 


This section of trail will be closed during the week of October 10 for construction and paving.  It will take approximately two weeks to complete. This work will include paving the trail from Sympatico Crescent to Palamino Drive and from Palamino Drive to Branlyn School.  Please click here for trail closure map (pdf format).


The pedestrian bridge spanning the canal at Drummond Street to Greenwich Street is closed indefinitely due to deterioration.  Please click for map of Drummond Street Bridge Closure pdf format 


What do Andrew W. Pate Park, Florence Buchanan Park, Mayor's Common Park, Roswell Park, Spring Gardens Park all have in common?

They are all undergoing plans to have their playgrounds renovated!

Renovation plans include:  accessible asphalt pathways, new play structures and swings, accessible wood fibre safety surfacing surrounding new play structures, new plantings, benches and signs.

For more information please contact:

Mandy Wellsman
Coordinator of Parks Services
City of Brantford, Parks & Recreation
Phone (519) 756-1500 Ext. 5512
Fax:  (519) 759-5975


The City of Brantford Parks and Recreation Department intends to control vegetation in cracks and crevices in hard surfaces along the following areas:

Sidewalks, paved boulevards and traffic islands within the City of Brantford using the herbicide EcoClear Fast Acting Weed and Grass Killer (Acetic acid) Registration No. 25528 or Finalsan Concentrate (Ammonium soap of fatty acids)  Registration No 29017 under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada)  Commencing on 06/16/16 weather permitting and ending 10/31/16.

For further information please contact:  Rob Sawicki, Supervisor of Horticulture, Turf and Forestry, City of Brantford, Parks and Recreation  (519) 756-1500 Ext. 5541.   Collect calls will be accepted from individuals calling long distance.


People play in parks and walk on our trails; they sometimes leave garbage behind.

Dogs play in parks and walk on our trails; they can leave something a little different behind.

The City's goal is to eliminate all "presents" left behind in Brantford's parks and trails, whether it's ourselves or our fine, furry friends who are creating the mess. 

We need your help!

If you're enjoying a day in the park with Fido or taking your dog for a walk on the trails , the City of Brantford implores you to remember two key factors of bylaw #102-2004:

  1. Please keep your furry family member on a leash, unless you're in a designated leash-free park
  2. Please pick up any little "leave-behinds" your dog may drop.  The old 'Stoop and Scoop'!

Thank you for your cooperation - by working together, we can keep our city clean!