Indoor Landscape 

Brantford's Indoor Plant Room

Holiday set up of indoor plants at Brantford City Hall, with several horticulture staff.

Brantford's Horticulture Program is diverse and progressive. Over the past several years the department has expanded its indoor displays from special events and seasonal displays to more permanent installations.

Although we continue to provide special event and seasonal displays such as the Mayor's Levee, facility openings and Christmas displays we now also provide indoor tropicals to other municipal offices. This service improves the workplace atmosphere by providing colour and attractive plants. It also has been proven that these plants help filter toxins from the air thus improving air quality in the workplace.

Parks staff maintain these displays weekly. They water, fertilize, inspect for pests and replace plants as needed. In our greenhouses we have a section that has been prepared as a recovery area for plants to come in and be pruned, re-potted and allowed to recover before going back into the displays.

We believe this program enhances the municipality by providing quality workspaces and adding to the beauty of our municipal offices.