Alexandra Park 

Alexandra Park - Parks and TrailsDonated in 1832 by the Department of Indian Affairs for "market purposes", this park is the second oldest park in the City and was once known as the East Market Square.  Alexandra Park remained a "common" for many years until the early 19060's when the first efforts to beautify the space into a park were made by the residents of the East Ward.

In 1914 a report by Dunington-Grubb Landscape Architects identified Alexandra Square as a city park requiring significant improvements.  Today the park features a footpath crossing the park diagonally, as well as a line of colourful annual beds which highlight a more direct path through the middle of the park providing access to Dalhousie and Colborne Streets.  Additional flower beds are located at each corner and a Russian Cannon is featured in the area originally designated for a statue along Colborne Street.

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