Princess Anne Park Community Garden 

Garden Coordinator: Laura Weaver

Contact Information:

Welcome to Princess Anne Community Garden! We are proud to share that this community garden is very active with garden volunteers that tend to 3 raised garden beds filled with vegetables to enjoy all season long. It is one of our newest community garden sites and was installed in 2017. Rain barrels are located on site to help keep vegetables fed and happy. Come and visit the gardens and relax on a picnic table today!

Princess Anne Community Garden Site Plan

Future plans for this garden as it continues to succeed with volunteers and community involvement includes new signage and pathways.

Get Involved

If you would like to become involved in this community garden:

  • contact the Garden Coordinator listed above;
  • contact Mandy Wellsman for more information;
  • or simply take a visit to the garden and speak with a garden volunteer today.

Parks & Recreation Contact:

Mandy Wellsman
Design & Development Assistant

519-750-1500 ext 5512