Community Gardens 

Good News!

We will have two new community gardens starting this year. The first at Princess Anne Park and a large community garden at Earl Haig Fun Park (former go-cart track area).

Do you live near by and would like to become a part of these gardens? contact Mandy Wellsman today for more information by email at or by phone at 519-756-1500 extension 5512.


Garden Volunteers water garden

In March 2015, a Community Garden Task Force was established to review opportunities and locations for community gardens within the City of Brantford’s parks and open spaces. Councilors from each ward worked together with committee members from the Brant Community Garden Network and Equal Ground Gardens to review potential sites, the financial impact of developing a community garden program as well as a policy for administration.

By developing and adopting a Community Garden Policy and initiating several gardens in May of 2015, the City of Brantford joins a growing number of municipalities and local initiatives that recognize the importance, desire and need for residents to grow their own food, even in urban settings.

These gardens, maintained fully by community residents and volunteers, provide places for growing local, healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables here in our city and neighbourhood parks.

There are currently 9 active community gardens in neighbourhood parks, each with between 3 or more raised garden beds for local residents to use.

Community Garden locations map and ward layout

Click for large rendering map of Community Garden locations by ward

What is a Community Garden?

variety of vegetables from gardenA community garden is a plot of land tended to by a group of people in the community in order to grow food and ensure that all people have access to affordable, available and nutritious food. In the numerous community gardens located throughout the City of Brantford, residents grow vegetables, flowers and herbs in designated raised garden beds for their own use or for donation to their community. These gardens are located in our neighbourhood parks and provide an area for residents who do not have the space or required environment to grow food at home.

Community gardens encourage residents to meet their neighbors and volunteer with like-minded individuals. This cultivates a sense of pride in our community where people work together to beautify our open spaces, grow produce and enjoy the outdoors. These gardens provide friendly spaces where fellow gardeners can learn from each other, share tips and tricks regarding starting plants from seed, planting, pruning, pest control, harvesting and other gardening techniques. They are also a great way to stay healthy and active!

How do these community gardens work?

Each community garden has a designated “Garden Coordinator”. This individual is the primary volunteer for each location, and the primary point of contact for information relating to the garden- how to participate and /or get involved. Each community garden has 3 or more garden beds where all local residents are welcome to join in and participate in growing healthy and local food.

growing lettuce growing roots in soil

Our growing season typically lasts from mid-May to mid-September where community gardeners are responsible for keeping their plots tended and harvested regularly. Gardeners decide what they would like to plant and work together to grow produce for themselves and the community. Tools are brought on site and taken home when work is finished keeping a clean and tidy plot is important! Like our neighbourhood parks, these gardens are open from dusk until dawn unless otherwise stated.

How to become a part a community garden:

If you are interested in participating in a garden near you please contact Mandy Wellsman, Parks & Recreation, for more information or the Garden Coordinator of the nearest site (names and information are listed on each park community garden webpage). All residents are welcome!

We ask that all gardeners and visitors to the community garden be respectful of the work being done and ask before taking produce that may have been gardened for someone else. Please stay on the designated pathways, keep pets out and do not drink the water – that is for the plants!

Are you interested in starting a new community garden in your local park and becoming a garden coordinator? Click to review the Community Garden Policy and application

For further inquiries and more information please contact:
Mandy Wellsman
Coordinator of Parks Services, Parks & Recreation
519-576-1500 ext 5512

For more information about the community garden closest to you, please choose from the list of parks:

Equal Ground Community Gardens Group

Equal Ground Community Gardens logoThe Equal Grounds Community Garden Network has been initiating community gardens across Brantford for over 8 years. They currently maintain a total of 23 active community gardens throughout the city including the 9 gardens found in our neighbourhood parks. If you would like to become involved in a local garden but do not live near a neighbourhood park that contains one, don’t worry – one may be closer than you think! For more information about Equal Grounds Community Garden Network, please visit their facebook page at: or contact Gloria Ord at 519-754-0777 ext. 233 or Cheryl Antoski at 226-922-1633

Please find a complete list of Equal Grounds Community Gardens below:

Individual Plot Community Gardens (grow produce on your own personal garden plot):

Grey Street Organic Community Garden - 452 Grey Street

Hope Christian Reformed Church - 64 Buchanan

Communal Community Gardens (Gardens are gardened as a group and not as individual plots - produce is free to take by the community):

Senor Resource Center - A2-783 Colborne Street

Princess Elizabeth School - 60 Tecumseh Street

Brant and Lorne Towers - 5 Fordview Court

United Way - 125 Morrell Street

Brantford Police Station - 344 Elgin Street

Brantford Fire Hall #3 - 7 Lynden Road

Brantford EMS (Tranquility Park) - 135 Francis Street

Charlie Ward Park - 220 Darling Ave

Rivergreen Park - 134 Eagle Ave

Cedarland Park - 160 Ashgrove ave

Greenwood Park - 235 West Street

GELA - 365 Rawdon Street

Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services - 643 Park Road North

Cityview Park - 184 Terrace Hill Street

Spring st. Buck Park - 59 Spring Street

Lynden Hill Park - 363 Brantwood Park Road

Johnson Park - 10 Hansford Drive

Salvation Army - 33 Diana Ave

Pay it Forward Gardens (free produce available from resident's front gardens!):

Andy Tonkin - 178 Albion Street

Cheryl Antoski - 359 Brantwood Park Road