City of Brantford Trails 

The City offers nearly 70 kilometers of recreational trails that are perfect for running, cycling or hiking. With constant upgrades and additions, there's always somewhere new to explore along the way. 

Trail Updates & Closures:


  • The trail under the Lorne Bridge is closed due to flooding debris as a result of the February 2018 flood. 
  • The trestle pedestrian bridge and old CN Rail trail pedestrian bridge over the Grand River, downstream of the Lorne Bridge are closed until further notice

Please click here for a Map of the Downtown area trail closures.

  • Gilkison Flats Trails:   All trails in the Gilkison Flats area are closed due to debris and infrastructure damage as a result of the February 2018 flood. 

Please click here for Map of Gilkison Flats trail closure.

  • D'Aubigny Creek Park Trails:   All trails in D'Aubigny Creek Park are closed due to flooding debris and infrastructure damage as a result of the February 2018 Flood.

Please click here for a Map of D'Aubigny Creek Park trails.

  • Waterworks Park Trails:  The trails along the river on the west side of the dyke are closed due to flooding debris. 

Please click here for a Map of Waterworks Park Trail area.

DRUMMOND STREET BRIDGE:  The pedestrian bridge spanning the canal at Drummond Street to Greenwich Street is closed indefinitely due to deterioration.  For map please click on Drummond Street Bridge Closure map pdf format.



  • Keep to the right - that means everyone, not just cyclists.
  • Call out or sound your bell before passing others.
  • Please leash and pick up after your pet.
  • Help keep our pathways clean - use the trash cans provided at most access points.
  • Stay on the trail. Travelling "off route" can destroy plants and wildlife.
  • Respect all signs and laws. Watch for vehicles at road crossings, and always be prepared to stop!
  • Use lights when riding at night and wear bright clothing.
  • Think safety, and cyclists - please wear a helmet! If you are under 18, it's the law - for everyone else, it's good common sense. 

Attention - Vehicles and equipment are not permitted on trails

Under Bylaw 102 - 2004 the operation of motorized vehicles and equipment on trails and in city parks is not allowed.

  • this includes ATV's, motorcycles, motorized trail bikes, snowmobiles, motorized scooters, e-bikes, etc.
  • motorized wheelchairs and scooters used by persons with disabilities are allowed on city trails.
  • pedestrians and cyclists use our trails and children play in our parks, please help to keep them safe.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation regarding this matter.

Trail Conditions

Female cyclist on riding bicycle on wooded trail on a Summer day.
  • Trail conditions can vary and may change quickly. Some sections may become damaged, flooded or impassable during bad weather. Stay alert!
  • While most pathways are suitable for motorized wheelchairs and strollers, some sections are steep and challenging. Check the map for locations or call (519) 756-1500 for more information.
  • Washrooms may be accessed at various facilities along the trail. Check the map for specific locations.
  • Camping, hunting, open fires, and motorized vehicles are prohibited. Trails are not maintained in the winter.
  • Trail use is at the users' risk.  

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