Clearing Sidewalks & Crosswalks 


The City of Brantford Municipal Code Article 8, Sections 614.8.1 and 614.8.3, require that sidewalks be cleared of snow and ice by the owner within 24 hours of every snowfall, with the penalty for failure to do so being up to a maximum of a $5,000.00 fine (Municipal Code Article 24, 614.24.7). This bylaw has been updated to better reflect the issues.

Presently the system of sidewalk clearing enforcement can be significantly improved by ensuring that all City departments and public agencies responsible for their sidewalks adhere to the City’s snow clearing code. The City of Brantford will continue to monitor sidewalks through a Daily Inspection Program. Operational Services will also address sidewalk concerns or complaints brought forth by residents. Please contact 519-752-4832.

Presently, the City only enforces the Code when there is a flagrant disregard to safety and when necessary, undertakes the work and charges back the costs to the owner (Municipal Code, 614.8.8 or 614.8.9).

Operational Services presently owns six (6) trackless plows which are used to clear sidewalks fronting City property (includes bridges, approaches to bridges and residential lots owned by the City), property under the jurisdiction of other departments and leases one (1) trackless plows for the Downtown core and bridges and overpasses, etc.

All these walks are plowed and salted when and where necessary. The sidewalk equipment operates 350 to 500 hours per year depending on factors such as weather. The clearing of sidewalks is initiated as soon as possible after the arrival of a storm and work is usually completed in 24 hours.


Presently the system for crosswalks involves the clearing of the downtown area immediately after plowing operations. Hand shovelling and sidewalk machines carry this out where applicable.

Shovel Snow Safely

Click for information about snow shovelling precautions (opens in a new browser window) from the Brant County Health Unit. 

City's Snow Windrow Removal Program

This program is for seniors or those who are physically challenged. Snow windrow is the portion of snow at the end of the driveway created after the road plow has plowed the municipal road. Click for more information about the Snow Windrow Removal Program.