Winter Maintenance 

Operational Services is responsible for winter maintenance on all City streets and only on sidewalks fronting city owned property:

Plowing and Salting

Road plowing and salting activities are prioritized by road classification, as outlined in Regulation 239/02 of the Municipal Act. Road classification is determined by traffic volumes and posted speed limits. Arterial Roads and Transit Routes are treated first (Red Routes), Collector Roads (Blue Routes) are given 2nd priority, and Residential Roads (Green Routes) are given 3rd priority.

Winter Operations Route Map 2017-2018 (pdf)

Salt applied to the roadway in delivering winter control activity is pre-wet with a 22% Magnesium Chloride solution, which enhances the salts ability to melt ice and snow as well as prevents the applied salt from bouncing and scattering to the sides and off of the road. This reduction in bounce and scatter results in more salt remaining on the road surface where it was intended to be placed.

Road Plowing activity creates an accumulation of snow at the end of driveway entrances. Brantford City Council has approved an assistance program for seniors or those that are physically challenged in removing the accumulated windrow snow caused by snow plowing activity.

To determine if you are eligible, please visit information on the Windrow Removal Program eligibility information, application and parameters.


Legislation requires us to be proactive in the delivery of winter maintenance services to the road system. In order to comply to this requirement, Operational Services performs pre-storm anti-icing activities. Anti-icing is the application of liquid de-icers, (either salt brine or magnesium chloride solution), to the road surface before the winter precipitation arrives. The liquid application aids in preventing the initial snow or ice bond from occurring, which then aids our efforts to restore friction to the roadway.

Anti-icing activity is evidenced by the distinctive pencil line markings on the roadways pre-storm.

Sidewalk Clearing

Property owners are responsible through Municipal Code articles 614.8.1 and 614.8.3, to clear sidewalks fronting or adjacent to their properties of snow and ice within 24 hours after the cessation of winter precipitation.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Map and Street Index 2017-2018 (pdf)

Programs exist within the community to assist those that are unable to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice. The Snow Buddy Program may be able to assist you.

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