Snow Emergency Declaration 

In the event of an extreme snow storm, which puts the public at risk by blocking major roads, a “snow emergency” may be declared by the General Manager of Public Works or designate. This declaration will result in Police enforced “tag and tow” procedures for cars parked or abandoned on designated snow routes. A “snow emergency” will be declared, if and only if, the magnitude of the snow accumulation is such that the safety of the public and that of the city forces engaged in the clearing of that snow accumulation is at risk.

Storms of this magnitude are rare in Brantford, however for less severe conditions, the Director of Operational Services or designate will announce a courtesy “snow advisory” prior to or in place of a “snow emergency”. A “snow advisory” warning would be broadcast through local radio stations, requesting that motorists park off-road in order to facilitate efficient snow removal activities and thus enhance overall traffic safety.