Snow Removal - City Roads 

Snow is removed (loaded and hauled away) only in designated snow removal areas where windrowed snow has accumulated to a point where it interferes with traffic movements, parking or visibility.

Snow is removed from areas downtown on a regular basis in order to facilitate better access to on-street parking, and to improve movements of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The City has one primary snow dump located at the Operational Services Department Works Yard on Earl Avenue. This facility is not open to the public.

Designated Area's for Snow Removal include:

  1. The downtown Central Business District, (CBD);
  2. Bridges and underpasses;
  3. Arterial, Collector or Transit routes with curb faced sidewalks or limited storage space;
  4. Areas where accumulated snow creates a visual obstruction to normal traffic movements;
  5. Narrow residential streets where snow storage has reduced functional width to less than 5 metres (Minimum Maintenance Standard requirement).