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Brantford Transit phone: (519) 753-3847 email: transit@brantford.ca address: 64 Darling Street



Is there a transit lost & found?
Brantford transit does have a lost & found. It's located inside the transit office, downtown.
Are pets allowed on the bus?
No, pets are not permitted on the bus. Guide animals are permitted.
Are the front seats only for seniors or persons with disabilities?
Yes, please keep the front courtesy seats clear for senior or persons with disabilities.
Is smoking allowed on the bus?
There is NO smoking permitted on Brantford Transit or Brantford Lift buses, there is always NO smoking permitted on Transit Terminal Property.
What happens if I loose my pass, ticket or swipe card?
Brantford Transit cannot reimburse customers for lost, misplaced or stolen tickets. You can call or visit the transit office and ask if they have received your lost pass (519-756-5011).
Are skis, toboggans and other large objects allowed on the bus?
No skis or toboggans are not permitted aboard the bus. If you are carrying a knapsack or parcel, please keep it under your seat or as close to you as possible. Please keep the isle clear for other passengers.
Is there parking available close to the downtown terminal?
There is a convenient parking lot right next to the downtown transit terminal.
Are roller-skates or in-line skates allowed on the bus?
You are allowed to bring roller-skates on the bus, but they must be removed before boarding and shoes on. No wheels or blades are worn while riding the bus.
Am I allowed to exit from the front of the bus?
No, you may not exit from the front of the bus. Please exit through the back doors. If you are elderly or are a person with a physical disability, you may exit the bus through the front doors.
Are bikes allowed on the bus?
Rack n’ Roll (Bikes and Buses): Please go to the News, Service Updates, Events & Publications section of this website, to review information on the Brantford Transit Rack n' Roll program.
Do I have to wait until the end of the month to renew my B-Card?
Monthly B-Cards can be renewed at any time, not just at the end of the month. The residual value of your current month’s B-Card will not be lost if you renew early. Renewing at any time prior to the expiry of your Monthly B-Card will take effect ONLY once your current month has expired, and will be good for another full month after that. Renew monthly B-Cards at the downtown terminal.
Are strollers allowed on the bus?
Brantford Transit Stroller Policy: Please visit the News, Service Updates, Events & Publications section of this website, to review the latest Brantford Transit Stroller Policy.
Can I take food or drink on the bus?
No, food is not permitted on the bus. You are allowed to take a drink on the bus.