Rack n' Roll (Bike Racks) 

picture of the bike rack system on brantford transit bus

Please note: most of the Brantford Transit fleet is equipped with the Rack n’ Roll system. To make sure that the route you’re going on is equipped with a rack, please contact Brantford Transit at 519-753-3847.

Please read the following information to ensure a safe and pleasant experience while using Brantford Transit bike racks. 

Loading a Bike 

  • Before the bus arrives, secure or remove any loose items from your bike.
  • Once the bus has come to a complete stop, indicate to the driver that you wish to use the bike rack. The driver will then advise you when it is safe to load your bike onto the bike rack.
  • Once you are notified by the driver that it is safe to load your bike, approach the bus from the curbside, or stand in front of the bus and lower the bike rack with one hand, while supporting the bike with the other hand.
  • After lowering the rack, place the bike in either of the wheel wells.
  • Both bike positions are completely independent of each other, making it easy to load and unload a bike in seconds.
  • Remember: The driver cannot assist you to load your bike!
  • After the bike is in position, raise the support arm out and over the bike’s tire.
  • The rack contacts the tire only. No contact is made to the bike’s frame.
  • After raising the support arm up and over the tire, you should be ready to board the bus.
  • Bikes should always be loaded from the front or curbside for safe, efficient operations.

Unloading a Bike

  • As the bus approaches your destination, inform the transit driver that you wish to remove your bike.
  • Once the driver stops, secures the bus, and motions to you to proceed, approach the rack from the curbside or while directly in front of the bus.
  • Next, raise the support arm off the tire. After the support arm is off, lift the bike out of the wheel well.
  • Once the bike is out of the rack, if there are no other bikes in the rack, while holding onto the bike with one hand, fold the bike rack back up and move to the curbside as quickly as possible.

General Rules

  • The bike rack is available on a first come, first service basis.
  • There is no additional charge for using the bike rack.
  • The bike rider is completely responsible for the loading, securing and unloading of their bike in a safe and timely manner.
  • Motorized bikes are NOT permitted on bike racks.
  • Bike trailers are NOT permitted on bike racks.
  • Riders must secure their bikes in the bike rack. Securement arms are provided and must be used to hold the bike in place during travel. No other devices may be used to secure the bike to the rack.
  • Bikes that cannot be secured to the satisfaction of the bus driver MUST be removed. Any objects that may fall from the bike while in motion MUST be removed by the bike passenger.
  • Transit service may be declined to bike riders who do not comply with the rules of using the bike rack.
  • Bike riders who cannot adequately secure their bikes on the rack within thirty (30) seconds shall remove them from the bus. Bike loading will not be permitted if it impacts the transit schedule.
  • If the rack is empty, load your bicycle into the wheel slots closest to the bus.
  • If another customer wants to remove their bicycle, let them go first before you load your bike.
  • Do not lock your bike to the rack. You may lock the front wheel to the bicycle frame.

Note: Brantford Transit, the City of Brantford and Brantford Transit drivers are not responsible or liable whatsoever for loss or damage caused by or to bicycles, however caused.