Emergency Detour Routes 

Emergency Detour Route signIn the past, traffic incidents along Highway 403 have often resulted in extensive highway closures causing major delays to motorists. As a result, the City of Brantford and Brant County, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Brantford Police Services, have established an Emergency Detour Routing procedure for Highway 403 within the City of Brantford and Brant County.

The City of Brantford’s Public Works Department have posted Emergency Detour Route (EDR) signage along four (4) pre-determined, City Council endorsed routes throughout the Municipality. These new permanent yellow and black signs, as shown below, are clearly visible at the start and along the alternative routes to be followed by motorists. These detour routes will be used to divert traffic if a major accident, hazardous material spill or related incident occurs on Highway 403 that results in a highway closure.

Emergency Detour Route Signage

Signs, as shown below, are located on the highway at the start of the Emergency Detour Route (EDR) and are located along the route that should be followed. 

Figure 1 – Emergency Detour Route (EDR)
This sign will be visible near the start of the closure.

 Emergency Detour Route Information sign

Figure 2 - Emergency Detour Route (EDR) Markers
Used to guide motorists along the designated route. Follow these back to the highway.


Emergency Detour Route sign examples

The Emergency Detour Routes are activated under the authority of the OPP.

Under the Plan, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Brantford Police Services will provide ongoing public notification on the location of the incident and anticipated duration of any closure.

Emergency Detour Route Maps

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