Traffic Signals 

City of Brantford staff plan and design traffic signals that are installed by the staff in the Public Works Department or others. Our staff are responsible for:

Design and planning traffic signals including the location for vehicle signal heads, pedestrian signal heads, signal poles, underground conduit, detector loops and audible pedestrian signals. In addition our staff prepare tender documents and supervise the installation of the traffic signal components that are done by outside contractors.

Monitor the traffic signal system through a communication system that connects approximately 95% of the 130 traffic signals installations in the City which permits our staff to promptly address failures such as a flashing traffic signal, a timing problem or lost communications between the traffic signal and the Traffic control computer located at City Hall.

The safe and efficient use of the Traffic signals including planning, design and implementing traffic signal operation timing and phasing as well as scheduling and conducting regular traffic signal timing updates on arterial roadways. Our staff respond to complaints and questions related to traffic signal operation, review roadway design for modification and construction, monitor current traffic conditions and adjust signal timing to minimize delays during typical days and for detours necessitated by construction, special events or road closures.


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