Homelessness - A Community Needs Assessment on Homelessness Issues - 2011-2014 

The City of Brantford has received funding from the Federal Government since 1999 to specifically address the issues related to homelessness in our community.  The next round of funding is from 2011 - 2014.  In order for the Community to receive these funds, the Government required an up-to-date Community Needs Assessment on Homelessness Issues.  This assessment was completed in April 2011.

In total, we talked to 109 service providers and 332 service users as we completed this project.  Because of the size of the interview pool and the cross-sectoral representation, we were able to produce a document that was created from community input for the community.

The following seven (7) priorities were identified in our community:

  1. Housing (Rent Geared to Income and Emergency Housing)
  2. Food and Life Skills (Emergency Meal Programs and Food Banks)
  3. Employment, Education and training (education availability and employment opportunities)
  4. Money (adequate income and affordable transportation)
  5. Mental Health and Addictions (treatment programs and support services)
  6. Resources Centres
  7. Wraparound Case Management

Next Steps:

We are waiting for final approval of the Needs Assessment from the Federal government.  Once that has been received we will be soliciting a Request for Proposals (RFP) to the community to address one or more of the seven (7) identified needs.  We anticipate that the RFP will occur in late June 2011. 

For more information on the Community Needs Assessment or if you have questions about other homeless funding/programs, please call Sherry Haines, Community Development Coordinator, at the City of Brantford Housing Department, 519-759-3330, ext. 6244 or email sherryhaines@brantford.ca.

If you require hard copies of the Community Needs Assessment or the Facts and Figures handout (both links are shown below), please contact Sherry Haines.  

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