Information for Operators 

Information for Operators on the application process for the WEG/HCCEG

Application Process

  • Child care operators will enter into an agreement with their municipal service system manager for wage enhancement. If an operator has an existing purchase of service agreement, wage enhancement funding can/may be added to it.
  • As the service system managers for child care, the municipality determines the timing of how funds are flowed to operators under these agreements. However, this timing should allow for operators to include wage enhancement as part of regular pay where possible.
  • Operators must apply to their local municipal child care service manager. (The application process will be posted on the municipal). The City of Brantford, Children's Services review the application form and assess whether the operator qualifies for the wage enhancement.
  • Any operator who has not submitted an application for the wage enhancement by the deadline identified by their municipal child care manager will not be allocated wage enhancement funding. Operators who miss the application deadline may apply for wage enhancement funding the following year.

Information on how the WEG/HCCEG amount for Operators will be determined

  • Wage enhancement funding is allocated to operators based on the actual hour’s child care professionals worked in the qualifying period of the prior year.
  • In the case of home child care providers, the HCCEG is allocated based on the days worked with a licensed home child care agency by eligible home child care providers between January 1 and December 31, and their average daily service; either full time or part time as defined by the ministry.
  • The wage enhancement application form takes into account centres and PHDC agencies that opened after January 1 by prorating the hours worked based on the amount of time the centre has been open.

Information for Operators relating to the distribution of WEG/HCCEG

Distribution to eligible staff

  • Operators must clearly indicate on staff paycheques and home child care provider fee transfers, the portion of funding that is being provided through the wage enhancement/HCCEG, labeled as follows:
    • Provincial child care wage enhancement
    • Provincial home child care enhancement grant
  • or through a separate letter, labeled as follows:
    • Provincial child care wage enhancement;
    • or Provincial home child care enhancement grant
  • The wage enhancement/HCCEG funding will be provided to eligible child care professionals in addition to their existing compensation and in addition to planned raises.
  • Wage enhancement funding must be provided in addition to pay equity payments agreed to under the pay equity memorandum of settlement.