WEG Reconciliation 

Specific Reporting/Reconciliation Expectations for Child Care Operators:

  • Complete applicable Wage Enhancement Grant Reconciliation forms;
  • Children's Services will send each Agency a partially completed Excel Wage Enhancement Grant Attestation form, with the Agency’s specific EDU WEG Funded information filled in, ready for the Agency to finalize and submit this information to the Children's Services;
  • Submit information to the Children's Services – Chantal Dunn at the City of Brantford in 2 formats; a signed copy of the attestation form(s) that can be mailed, scanned or faxed; and as an electronic Excel file to cdunn@brantford.ca

Agency Audit Requirements:

  • Children's Services may audit Agency files to determine compliance with the Wage Enhancement Funding Distribution and Reconciliation Guidelines;
  • Agencies are required to fill out the appropriate audit checklist and send it back with the attestation form
  • Audit checklists provide agencies with a tool to ensure that they have met the Ministry’s requirements

Please note the Excel spreadsheets below are provided by the Government of Ontario.  They may contain macros used to perform calculations.  The City of Brantford assumes no responsibility for the use and impact of the Excel files.  Click or right-click these files to select the option to save them.  A recent full version of Microsoft Excel is necessary to open and edit the Excel files.

2017 WE Application Form Centre Based (Excel Document)

2017 WE Application Form Home Child Care Providers (Excel Document)

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