Financial Assistance (Subsidy) 

Are you eligible for reduced child care costs?

We can help with the cost of:

  • Quality, licensed child care
  • Before and after school programs
  • Eligible summer camps

Eligibility for fee subsidy is based on your family’s net income.

Applicants are required to provide their most recent Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice.

The calculator will provide you with an estimate of the monthly amount your family would be required to contribute to their total child care costs (all children).

If your child care costs are greater than the contribution amount, then your family should be eligible for Child Care Fee Subsidy.

Family NET Income Daily Child Care Cost per Family regardless of number of children
$20,000 and below $0.00 per day
$40,000 $8.00 per day
$60,000 $31.00 per day
$80,000 $54.00 per day
$100,000 $76.00 per day
$120,000 $99.00 per day
Estimated Cost of Child Care

*The table shown is for illustrations purposes only and is based on full time care. Actual cost for your family will be calculated during the application process.

How do I apply?

Apply for reduced child care costs by filling out the Online Child Care Subsidy Application.

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