Household Hazardous Waste & Electronic Equipment Recycling 

Household Hazardous Waste Days provide residents of the City of Brantford with an opportunity to discard HHW's, as well as unwanted electronics and tires.

Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) 

Household Hazardous Waste: Propane, Paints, Aerosols


Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) are items that pose a health hazard if not disposed of properly. These wastes should not be thrown away with your regular garbage or poured down the drain where they could result in environmental damage. HHW days provide residents with an opportunity to dispose of these wastes properly, as well as electronics and tires.

Household Hazardous Waste Event Days 2016

Computer Monitor, Keyboard and Tower
  1. April 9
  2. May 14
  3. June 11
  4. July 9
  5. August 13
  6. September 10
  7. October 15
  8. November 19

Household Hazardous Wastes can be disposed of at the Mohawk Street Landfill Site from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Household Hazardous Wastes

  • pharmaceuticals
  • household cleaners
  • fluorescent lamps
  • paints and paint cleaners
  • wood preservatives
  • driveway sealers
  • adhesives & polishes
  • bug sprays and pesticides
  • poisons
  • pool chemicals
  • oils and oil filters
  • antifreeze
  • fuels
  • batteries (automotive & household)
  • lawn care products
  • propane tanks
  • syringes/needles/sharps that are properly contained in a rigid walled container with lid

Fluorescent/Compact Fluorescent Tubes: Bring fluorescent tubes (including compact fluorescent bulbs) to Household Waste Events, in a cardboard box or wrap them in newspaper. Do not tape tubes/bulbs together. Limit of 10 tubes/bulbs per vehicle, per event day.

Electronic Equipment: Bring your old, used electronic equipment to the Household Hazardous Waste days for recycling.

  • Acceptable items include: computers/monitors and related components, telephones, electronic calculators, photocopiers, fax machines, VCR's, DVD players, cameras and TV's. 
  • Unacceptable items include: Microwave ovens, power tools, appliances, electric motors, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Items can be disposed of at the public drop off area, applicable tipping fees will be charged.
    Note: Air conditioners and dehumidifiers must have freon
    removed prior to disposal.
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BRING US YOUR TIRES! All tires, on or off the rim, are now accepted.

We Cannot Accept: Industrial, Commercial or Institutional Waste.

Require Additional Information?

Contact: Environmental Services at 519-759-1350.

Orange Drop Recycling Program

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Orange Drop is an industry-funded recycling program aimed at keeping hazardous and special waste materials out of Ontario's landfills and waterways. The Orange Drop Program allows Ontarians to return designated materials to local Municipal HHW Depots, retail sites and collection events across Ontario. Click to visit the Orange Drop Website 

Household Hazardous Waste Days - Video