Kid's Links for Recycling & Waste 

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This site has material for elementary as well as high school students. You'll find books, songs, art, activities, and games for elementary students as well as projects, news, and activities for high school students. Earth 911 makes every day Earth Day! Click to visit this website


This site provides environmental information through interactive, fun, and educational games and activities encouraging children to care about their planet. Look for the Eco-Fact of the day! EcoKids is Earth Day Canada's environmental education program for youth. Click to visit this website


This electronic magazine is for kids in grades 4-8. Surf around and learn more about the great outdoors. EEK! was developed by the Wisconsin Department for Natural Resources. Click to visit this website


Find sections on plants and animals, air, garbage and recycling, and water on this site. Learning takes place through games, art, and science relating to the environment. The Environmental Explorers' Club is a part of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Click to visit this website

FUN at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre

Visit the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre. Here you will find information about the many programs, camps, courses and fun that happen every day that help to keep us healthy and active right here in our own community! Click to visit this website


The Great Lakes basin is the world?s largest freshwater ecosystem. To learn more about these great bodies of water visit this site to find games, quizzes, activities, colouring books, videos, and a glossary of related terms. The site was created by Environment Canada. Click to visit this website


Play wild games, read fun stories, get the facts, and find more cool stuff on this site. Kids' Planet was created by The Defenders of Wildlife. Click to visit this website

KIDZONE - National Wildlife Federation

This site has games, activities, stories, opportunities, and much more for children aged 1 through to high school students. There's something for everyone! Click to visit this website


This site is power packed with the National Geographic Kid's Magazine, games, activities, experiments, recipes, and other valuable resources. There is even a section or Mom and Dad! Click to visit this website


Natural resources are sources of life, materials, or energy that we are able to get naturally from the earth such as fossil fuels, wind energy, rocks, trees, or a source of power like solar energy. There are two main types of natural resources: renewable and non-renewable. Click to visit this website


The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has created this fun site for kids. It includes games and activities, songs, riddles and jokes, colouring books, stories and special sections on hot topics. Click to visit this website


This site is designed for youth looking to take some action. Here you will find information on the Youth Round Table on the Environment, jobs, internships, volunteer positions, events, and conferences. This site is a product of Environment Canada. Click to visit this website 

Recycling for Kids, Startlocal

Did you ever think what would happen if all the trash we throw away, keeps piling up in landfills? We'll have a big problem on our hands because it would severely damage the environment. We try to make as much of this trash usable for various purposes, which is called recycling. Recycling is the process of collecting items from the trash such as paper, glass and plastic metals and turning them into reusable products. I'm sure you already have at least some idea about recycling and you also participate in it. Let's look at it in a bit more detail