Waste Programs 

Please note that trucks begin collecting at 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. Separate trucks pick up different materials at different times so it is important to have all your items to the curb by 7:00 a.m.

Regular garbage and yard waste collection runs on all statutory holidays except Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Collection will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week following these two statutory holidays.

Garbage Collection

Tied black garbage bag


Residents of the City of Brantford must limit household garbage to 5 bags/cans per week.  Each container must weigh less than 25 kg (55lbs). Be sure to have garbage to the curb by 7:00 a.m., but not before 7:00 p.m. the night before.

Christmas Tree Collection January 2-13

Place your Christmas trees at curb side before 7 a.m. on your regular garbage collection day. NOTE: Please remember to remove ornaments, tinsel, tree stands and plastic bags from Christmas trees.

Holiday Waste Collections

Please Recycle the following:

  • Cardboard tubes, boxes
  • Egg Nog/Juice cartons
  • Spiral bound containers (food & beverage)

Please DO NOT Recycle the following:

  • Wrapping paper & tissue paper
  • tyrofoan, blister packs, plastic air cushions and other types of non-recyclable packaging

Christmas Day – Sunday, December 25

No garbage or recycling collection

Boxing Day – Monday, December 26

Regular garbage or recycling collection

Christmas Day – Sunday, January 1

No garbage or recycling collection

Boxing Day – Monday, January 2

Regular garbage or recycling collection

Yard Waste Collection

Man raking yard waste

Spring/Summer Collection 

April 4 - September 30

Maximum 10 bags/containers of yard waste per week beyond the 5 bag weekly garbage limit.

Fall Yard Waste Collection

October 3 - December 2

Maximum of 30 bags/containers of yard waste per week beyond the 5 bag weekly garbage limit.

Accepted Containers:

Kraft paper yard waste bags or open rigid walled containers. No plastic bags accepted. Yard waste materials are not to be raked to the curb. Be sure to place your yard waste materials in front of your own property.

Acceptable Materials:

Grass clippings, leaves, weeds, plants and yard rakings.  Bundles of brush, hedge clippings and tree trimmings in bundles no larger than 1.2 m (4’) in length and 0.9 m (3’) in diameter. NOTE:  All branches must be less than 10 cm (4”) in diameter.

Not Accepted:

Rocks, dirt, sod and branches larger than the acceptable limits.

Have a big yard…Take your material directly to the LANDFILL!

The Mohawk Street Landfill accepts leaves, grass, plants and yard rakings, free of charge, from April to November. BUT...remember…brush is NOT free. Brush has a tipping fee of $65.00 per metric tonne.

HERE's a TIP: Don't bag your grass, just MOW & GO, leave it on the lawn....try grasscycling!

Problems with Garbage or Yard Waste Collection?

Contact: Progressive Waste at 519-756-4444

Require Additional Information?

Contact: Environmental Services at 519-759-1350

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