Driveway Permit

The City of Brantford requires that a permit for new entrances and driveway alterations be obtained prior to any construction. Information on the permit process can be found on the City's website. Permit applications can be made in person at City Hall by email.

Applicant responsibilities

You must provide the following before applying for a driveway permit:

  • Proof of Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance (minimum amounts of $2 million per contractor per year) – “Corporation of the City of Brantford” to be included as Additional Named Insured on this policy.
  • Security deposit in the minimum amount of $2,000.00 (any other additional amount may be requested by Operational Services and/or the Public Works Commission) – payment can be made by cash deposit, certified cheque, or bond.
  • Apply for a Temporary Road/Sidewalk Occupancy Permit

The application must be filled out correctly and the  request  must  include  an  appropriate  sketch  or  plans  showing  all information/data as to the location, purpose, height, depth, width, length, etc.

The appropriate fees must be paid by applicant upon receipt of the invoice. Failure to pay will result in a claim against the security deposit supplied. 

You are responsible for obtaining a General Trades Contractors Licence.

Please refer to our Driveway Permit Procedure for more detailed information.

Permit fees

  • New residential driveway - per permit $175.00
  • Extension or additional residential driveway - per permit $60.00
  • Commercial driveway - per permit $175.00 

 Driveway fees are charged in accordance with the Annual Fees and Charges By-law.