E-communication with Family and Income Stability

E-communication with us is voluntary and you can quit and remove your email/text contact information from your file at any time.

Ways to communication with our staff

You can communicate with staff through email/text about the following.

  • Setting up appointments
  • Receiving appointment reminders
  • Receiving reminders to submit information
  • Sending documents
  • Finding out about office hours
  • Getting agency information and/or referrals to other agencies

Storing information

Your email/text communications will become part of your file and may be stored on provincial and municipal files, databases, networks or other servers.

We will reply to your email/text within two business days between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We cannot respond to emails/texts on weekends, evenings, or holidays. If your worker is not available to respond you will receive an automatic reply message.

  • For email, you will be redirected to other staff for assistance
  • For texting, there may or may not be staff coverage
  • Please do not use email/text for urgent issues – call 519-759-4150 instead 

Protecting information

It is your responsibility to protect your information. By using email/text you may be sharing personal information. You should meet with staff if you need to share confidential information (virtually or in person).

We cannot use email/text to give you case-specific information, or personal information such as Health Card numbers, Social Insurance Numbers (SIN), or banking information.

Risks to using email/text

Some risks to using email/text may include the following.

  • Someone other than the person the message was sent to may see the message
  • Messages may be lost, delivered late, or not received
  • Someone could access your email account or telephone and forward or send messages using your identity
  • Computer viruses may cause damage to computers or data

How to apply for electronic communications (email/text)

To begin using email/text communications, please fill out one of the following consent forms.  You can fill out the online consent form which is automatically emailed for you or download a copy of the PDF consent form, fill it out and email it to hhsinquiries@brantford.ca