Operating a Child Care Business

Operating a licensed child care centre or licensed home-based child care agency

Know the requirement and regulations

The Ministry of Education licenses and monitors early learning and child care in Ontario. To apply for and maintain a license, you must follow the requirements and regulations under the Child Care and Early Years Act. If you plan to build or renovate a child care centre, you will need to follow the Ministry's planning and design guidelines.

Funding and service contracts

The City of Brantford administers Child Care Fee Subsidy and Operating Grants for licensed child care centres. For more information, please contact the Children's Services and Early Years program department.

Information for Operators

Wage enhancement grant

The City of Brantford administers Wage Enhancement funding on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

This funding supports wages for child care professionals working in licensed child care settings.

The Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG) funding and Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG) funding is available for:

  • Program staff working in licensed child care programs
  • Home visitors and providers working with a licensed home child care agency

How to apply

In order to be eligible for funding, operators must complete the wage enhancement funding application:

  • 2019 Wage Enhancement Application for Centre Based Child Care
  • 2019 Wage Enhancement Application for Home Child Care