Patio Brantford Policies

What local businesses need to know

In an effort to help local businesses meet the criteria to reopen under the provincial Reopening Framework while following COVID-19 guidelines to protect public health and safety , on June 16, 2020 Brantford City Council approved a number of temporary Patio Brantford policies for on-street patios and new or expanded patios. City Council also agreed to waive municipal permit and application fees until January 1, 2022 in an effort to further support local restaurants and small businesses.

If you plan on establishing an on-street patio or wish to add a new or extended patio on private property, the City’s Development Planning staff strongly recommend that business owners review all of the information and options explained on this page for a comprehensive understanding of what is required to build a patio.

On-Street Patio Emergency Pandemic Recovery Policy

The Temporary On-street Patio Policy will allow business owners to establish a patio area on a roadway. Business owners should be aware that this could be limited to certain roads, and that you need to advise your neighbouring tenants before proceeding. As this is a new Policy the City is offering, if a business owner has questions, you can contact Development Planning staff at the City of Brantford at 519-759-4150 or and we will guide you through the new process.

How do I go about constructing an on-street patio for my business?

Please email with the following information to be reviewed by City Development Planning staff:

  1. A Completed On-Street Patio Permit Application Form.
  2. Enter into a Temporary Patio Licence with the City.
  3. Please note, On-Street Patios require a drawing as outlined in the On-Street Patio Policy . If a business owner wishes to construct something different, it will require review and approval by the City’s building department.
What are the fees associated with obtaining an On-Street Permit within the public right-of-way? 
To support local businesses during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all fees for municipal permits or applications have been waived for the remainder of 2020. 
Do I need insurance to obtain a Temporary Patio License?
Yes. A Certificate of Insurance is required as part of entering into the Temporary Patio License.
What clearances or requirements does an On-Street Patio have to maintain?
  • It cannot be placed on a barrier free (accessible) parking space.
  • It cannot obstruct utilities or other infrastructure.
  • It must not obstruct sight lines at road intersections.
  • The patio must be flush with the sidewalk.
  • Patios must be set back from the travelled portion of the road.
  • Patios must be buffered using a temporary wheel stop placed 1.2 metres from each end.
  • You need to talk to your neighbours to ensure you have their consent regarding the placement of your patio.
  • No entertainment or amusement is allowed on the patio.

Private Patio Emergency Pandemic Recovery Policy

The Private Patio Policy will allow business owners to establish a new commercial patio on their property or expand one to accommodate physical distancing requirements. This temporary olicy has been developed to help business owners act fast and utilize an existing parking lot to accommodate their patrons.

Are these patios only for restaurants? 
No. Patios can be used for other commercial or retail uses; such as bakeries, farmer’s markets, grocery stores and shopping centres.
Do I need to know what the zoning of my property is?
No. Zoning By-law enforcement has been suspended until January 1, 2021, as per Brantford City Council approval.
What will it cost me?
To support local businesses during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all fees for municipal permits or applications have been waived for the remainder of 2020. 

Please keep in mind that if you plan on actually building a patio (such as a wood deck above grade and supported with beams) a building permit from the City will be required.
What applications are required?
If you have a site plan approval registered on title, you will need to provide a redlined plan. No formal site plan amendment (or fee) will be required. All other proposals should be sent to City of Brantford Development Planning at so we can ensure that grading and fire safety requirements are met.
What clearances or requirements does my Private Patio have to maintain?

The following plans/measures in place will be required in advance of consulting with City Development Planning staff:

  • Provided the City with a sketch, patio location, photos and owner/tenant authorization (where applicable).
  • The patio must be accessible to all persons.
  • No entertainment or amusement is allowed on the patio.
  • Your patio needs perimeter fencing, so indicate what that will be.
  • You need to have a valid business license.
  • If serving alcohol, the applicant is responsible for meeting and adhering to all Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario requirements.
  • If you are changing any grades, a site alteration permit (no fee) may be required.

For more information regarding the City’s economic recovery initiatives, please visit