Arrowdale Advertising and Sponsorships

When you partner with Arrowdale Municipal Golf Course, your business name, logo and photo images will be placed around the golf course. We can place your advertising on products, such as a scorecard, where you can be seen many times during a single round of golf and present your brand and image to all players effectively.

If you would like to advertise with us, please email us or call us at 519-756-6345.

Corporate sponsors 

By sponsoring us, you will receive:

  • Over 20,000 rounds of golf played annually
  • Four complimentary passes for tee sign and two complimentary passes for bench advertising

Advertising signage and rates

BBQ Signs

  • Size: (24” w x 18” h)
  • Cost: $200.00

Tee Signs

  • Size: (24” w x 18” h)
  • Cost: $150.00


  • Size: (24” w x 11” h)
  • Cost: $125.00

Beverage Cart

  • Size: (24” w x 18” h)
  • Cost: $500.00

Score Card

Cost: $300.00