Memorial Drive Bike Lane Project

Extending bike lanes north

Memorial Drive is identified in the 2014 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) as one of the many cycling corridors across the City. The TMP recommends changing the number of through lanes to accommodate dedicated bike lanes on this corridor. The goal is to create an established cycling network to support a safer environment and encourage active transportation. 

Right now, the cross-section of Memorial Drive and North Park Street consists of two vehicle travel lanes in each direction and cyclists have to share these lanes with motorists.

The proposed changes include one bicycle lane and one vehicular lane per direction, with a centre left turn lane. In front of St. Leo School from Skylark Road to Ashgrove Avenue, there will be a dedicated on-street parking lane in place of the centre left turn lane. Here, a one metre buffer will separate the bike lane and parked vehicles.

Curb to curb road widths will remain the same and there will be no modifications to sidewalks or private properties.  Traffic control at intersections along the corridor will also remain the same.

With the proposed bike lanes, residents are asked to park their cars on private driveways instead of on the street. Those that need access to St. Leo School can park in the designated on-street parking lane provided.

Speed limit changes

This project presents an opportunity to harmonize speed limits along the corridor. For most of the corridor, the speed limit is 40km/h with the exception of Memorial Drive north of Skylark Road, and on North Park Street between Memorial Drive and Waddington where this limit is presently 50 km/h. A speed limit of 40 km/h is recommended for the entire corridor.

Construction impacts

The construction impact of this project is expected to be minimal. There is no civil work involved with this project so construction impact is expected to be minimal.  Pavement marking, grinding and remarking will require lane closures for a few days. Signage will also be modified to be consistent with the new road design.

We want to hear from you!

Our Memorial Drive Bike Lane Survey has closed. Your input and feedback are an important part of this project. For questions, concerns or to request more information, please email our Active Transportation Planner at

Benefits by user group

There are many benefits to the Memorial Drive Bike Lane Project:

  • Do not worry about losing one lane of traffic just yet. Our study shows that vehicular traffic on the corridor is not high and can accommodate one lane per direction.
  • Having a dedicated centre left-turn lane and no more curbside parking means less disruption for through traffic.
  • On-street parking in front of St. Leo School will be on the east side of the street only. This means there will be fewer students crossing mid-block, providing a safer environment for drivers and students.
  • There will be no change of traffic control at intersections and pavement markings are properly designed to accommodate safe interaction between motorists and cyclists at intersections.
Local Residents and Business Owners
  • The centre left-turn lane will make it much simpler to get in and out of driveways and plazas.
  • No curbside parking means fewer sightline issues while getting in and out of driveways.
  • Having cyclists on the road brings vibrancy to the neighbourhood and helps to make the community safer and more liveable.
St. Leo School Community
  • On-street parking on the east side of Memorial Drive only (same side as school) reduces midblock crossing of parents and students, creating a safer environment for all road users.
  • The buffer between the cycling lane and parking lane allows for safer pick-up and drop-off of students. No need to stand in a vehicle travel lane while loading your vehicle.