Greyfields Revitalization Strategy

We are preparing a Greyfields Revitalization Strategy to promote and assist in the revitalization of greyfield sites.

Greyfields are previously developed commercial sites that may be vacant or have buildings that are in poor condition, or may have large parking areas that are not fully used. They typically have access to existing infrastructure, such as roads, watermains, sewers, and utilities. Unlike brownfield sites, greyfield sites do not typically have environmental contamination.

The Draft Greyfields Revitalization Strategy includes a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) with proposed financial incentive programs to help landowners and business owners redevelop or improve their properties.

Opportunity for Public Input

We want to hear your comments on the Draft Greyfields Revitalization Strategy. You can also review the presentation and display boards from our Public Information Centre for more information.

Please submit your comments by email to by Friday, November 8, 2019.