Heritage Register Project

Brantford's built history is important to us. We are developing a Heritage Register to recognize and protect Brantford's built heritage. The register will identify heritage properties and be a useful tool to help us protect these properties from demolition.

The Heritage Register

A heritage register is a tool used by cities to identify properties of cultural heritage value or interest. A heritage register includes properties that are designated under Part IV (individually designated) or Part V (heritage conservation district designation) of the Ontario Heritage Act. It may also include properties that are not designated, but are still culturally significant. These properties are called “listed” properties.

The Project Team is reviewing the City's existing Heritage Inventory to decide what properties in the City have cultural heritage value or interest and should be included on the Heritage Register as non-designated (listed) properties.

The City has contracted Archaeological Services Inc. (ASI) to complete this project. To determine which properties are strong candidates for inclusion on a Heritage Register as non-designated properties, ASI is currently completing a review of the City’s existing Heritage Inventory, which currently contains over 9,000 properties, as well as a review of other properties that have been identified as potential cultural heritage resources. As part of this work, ASI is currently completing field surveys of these properties, which includes photographing and documenting properties from the municipal right of way.

Community Engagement Opportunities

We encourage you to attend any or all three of the Public Information Centres scheduled over the course of the project.

Please share with us rare, special, or representative properties that showcase Brantford's rich cultural history.