Ontario Renovates Fact Sheet


The Ontario Renovates Program is a program for low-to-moderate income households, who own a home (that is their sole and principal residence) in the City of Brantford and County of Brant. Ontario Renovates provides up to $20,000 funding for:

  • Major home repairs; and,
  • Housing modifications for persons with disabilities.

Eligible Projects

Repairs and rehabilitation required to bring a home to an acceptable standard while improving energy efficiency. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Heating systems, chimneys, doors and windows, foundations, roofs, walls, floors and ceilings; electrical systems, plumbing, septic systems, well water and drilling
  • Other repairs may be considered, with supporting documentation, at the discretion of the Service Manager. 

Examples of eligible accessibility work include, but are not limited to:

  • Ramps;
  • Handrails;
  • Chair and bath lifts;
  • Height adjustment to countertops;
  • Cues for doorbells/fire alarms.

The improvements must be permanent and remove physical barriers, safety risks and improve daily living within the home.

NOTE: The maximum loan amount may include a grant portion for accessibility modifications, if required, of up to $5,000 that does not need to be repaid.

Ineligible Projects

Examples of projects that are not eligible include:

  • Landscaping;
  • Routine maintenance; 
  • Cosmetic renovations and repairs.


Households are allowed one application under the Ontario Renovates Program. Funding is provided as a fully forgivable loan, which is written off at an equal rate over a 10 year period. The loan is not repaid if the homeowners remain as owners and live in the home during the 10 year forgivable period.

Absolute Default

If any of the following occur, the homeowner is considered to be in “Absolute Default” and the principal amount of the Loan is to be immediately due and payable with no forgiveness of any portion of the principal amount:

  • Use of the Loan for a purpose other than that specified in the Loan Agreement;
  • Any omission, representation, statement, declaration or information provided to the City by the Borrower in connection with the Application is false or erroneous in any material respect;
  • A lien or other charge is made against the Unit, other than a Permitted Encumbrance subject to the discretion of the City.


To be eligible, households must meet the following criteria:

  1. The total income of all household members must be at or below the following, based on the household composition and eligible number of bedrooms:
    Household Members Total Income
    1 person2 people3 people4 people
    $39,000 $46,000 $55,000 $68,000
  2. The home must be valued by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) at or below $350,000. The latest MPAC statement or Property Tax Bill must be provided.
  3. The household must have assets below $30,000 (which includes investments, stocks, bonds, shares, securities, RRSPs, GICs, Credit Union Accounts, annuities, etc.).
  4. Homeowners who had previously received Ontario Renovates and/or homeownership funding may not be considered eligible again until the 10 year forgivable period expires.
  5. Requirements

    • Complete and sign an application and provide all supporting documentation, including:
    • Copy of driver’s license, passport or other photo identification;
    • Proof of all income of all members of the household and assets;
    • MPAC statement or Property Tax bill to confirm value of home;
    • Insurance documents for the home.

Conditional Approval

  1. If the application is complete and meets eligibility requirements, an inspection will be conducted on the property. A report will be provided to the homeowner with Conditional Approval.
  2. Homeowners are required to obtain a minimum of 2 quotes from professional contractors and provide copies to the Housing Services Department. Contractors must provide copies of WSIB coverage and Insurance coverage as part of the quote process.

Final Approval

  1. Quotes will be reviewed by Housing Services staff. A Final Approval Letter will be issued by the City of Brantford.
  2. A copy of the signed Loan Agreement will be sent to the homeowner.
  3. Homeowners are to start work within 45 days of receiving final approval and complete the work within 120 days of commencement. Work that started prior to written approval by Housing Services is not eligible.
  4. Loans will be secured by promissory notes. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, funding exceeds $25,000, the project must be registered on title and this cost added to the total cost of the loan. 
  5. Once work is approved and completed, payment for all labour and materials will only be made directly to the approved contractor(s).

Homeowners must allow inspections by Housing Services staff:

  • Prior to start of work
  • During construction (as required)
  • When project is complete

These inspections are over and above the required inspections for building permit work.

*Not Eligible: Homes situated on ‘leasehold land and/or leasehold land improvements’ are not eligible for this program (applicants must own both their home and the land where their home is located).


For general information on the Ontario Renovates Program, contact 519-759-4150, ext. 6240.