The City of Brantford is committed to removing barriers to access programs and services in our community and work to provide equal opportunities for all under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA).

We can only mandate accessibility of facilities and services owned, operated, leased and funded by the City. We encourage you to have discussions with owners and managers of restaurants, stores and other private sector venues about improving their accessibility standards and services.  

Brantford filed its 2021 Compliance Report in September 2021.  Compliance was met in all but two areas. It was noted that a plan to increase the accessibility of the City’s websites was in place and would be carried out in the upcoming months. In addition to the noncompliance with the City’s websites comments surrounding not being able guarantee membership requirements of the Brantford Accessibility Advisory Committee were included. If you have any questions please refer to the Accessibility Plan and the 2022 Status Update or contact our Accessibility Coordinator.

We value your feedback

Do you have a question or concern regarding accessibility in Brantford? Let us know how we can improve by filling out the accessibility feedback form.

Request a document in other formats

Consistent with the City of Brantford Accessible Documents and Communications Standard, we strive to ensure that digital documentation on City platforms is developed in an accessible format. If you require a document in another format, please complete an alternative format request form or contact for other accommodations.

Accessibility plan and policy

The City's Accessibility Plan outlines our short-term and long-term goals to remove barriers for people with disabilities. Our 2020 to 2025 Accessibility Plan is also available for review. For details on our progress, please review our annual status update. Our accessibility policy details the standards for the City's accessible services.

Persons with disabilities who require special services please identify yourself with reception. Admission fees for Support Persons into facilities and events where admission is charged, will be waived.

Accessibility design standards

Learn about Brantford's Facility Accessibility Design Standards (FADS) to find out about fixed measurements and other requirements that the City uses in conjunction with the Ontario Building Code, the Principles of Universal Design and the Design of Public Spaces

Brantford Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee advises Council on issues related to removing barriers in our community and improving access to municipal programs and services. 

Accessible transportation

Brantford Transit and Brantford Lift provide accessible transit in the City. All of the City of Brantford transit services are fully accessible. In addition, Go Transit provides accessible bus service between Brantford and the Aldershot Go Station and Via Rail provides accessible train services to all Via Rail train stations.

Accessibility award nominations

The Accessibility Improvement Awards recognize outstanding achievements in the area of accessibility to individuals, businesses, and organizations within our community that meet and/or exceed the legislated standards of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

The 2020 nominations have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to hosting the Accessibility Improvement Awards in 2021 or when it is safe to do so again.

The 2019 Accessibility Improvement Awards Winners are: 

  • Amy Spence, Scotiabank
  • Farm Boy
  • Hampton Inn & Suites
  • Keri Korfmann, Tim Hortons
  • Starbucks Brantford locations
  • The Adult Recreation Therapy Centre