Design & Construction

As the City is responsible for the ongoing operational practices, maintenance activities and growth of the municipal infrastructure, it is essential that there is consistency in the quality of design. These guidelines were developed to achieve an accurate representation of the expectations and visions for the City moving forward.

The Design and Construction Linear Municipal Infrastructure manual has been developed to provide City staff, consulting engineers, contractors, developers and the general public with a common reference to ensure the consistent application of design and construction practices of linear municipal infrastructure within the City.

The manual is intended to aid in the planning, design and construction and maintenance and operation activities of linear infrastructure for new subdivision developments and the retrofit of existing infrastructure.

The key guiding principles of the manual are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive set of guidelines to aid in the consistent design and construction of new development and retrofits of linear infrastructure.
  • Integrate industry standards and best practices.
  • Encourage consistent approaches for design and construction in the City.
  • Prioritize the health and safety of the public.
  • Reduce impacts to the natural environment and protect resources.
  • Undertake sustainable planning, operation and maintenance of the linear infrastructure over its lifetime.
  • Meet regulatory and legislative requirements.

The use of this manual does not absolve the Proponent from their professional obligations in applying sound engineering principles and industry best practices for a solution that is practical, economical, efficient, safe and sustainable to operate and maintain by the City.

This manual does not supersede, nor replace any legislation governing the design and construction of the linear municipal infrastructure. The Proponent shall be fully familiar with legislative requirements as they relate to the subject infrastructure.

This manual will be reviewed and updated periodically to stay current with construction standards, industry best practices and to remain in compliance with regulatory requirements. It is the responsibility of the Proponent to ensure they are using the most recent version of this manual.

The information provided is not intended to hinder innovation, rather is rooted on meeting performance requirements over the lifecycle of the infrastructure. The Proponent is encouraged to provide innovative solutions.

Linear Design and Construction Manual