Downtown Revitalization Project

Come Around to a New Downtown

The Downtown Revitalization project is a significant undertaking by the City of Brantford to transform how Downtown Brantford looks, feels, and functions while also preserving its cultural heritage. The project is required because the underground infrastructure, including the sanitary, sewer, and watermains, are reaching the end of their life and need to be replaced. The new underground infrastructure will also allow for increased capacity and future development in the downtown. The streetscaping improvements above ground will create a Downtown that is attractive, vibrant, and safe for all users while improving all modes of transportation through the downtown. 

The Downtown Brantford Revitalization Project will create an attractive and accessible urban center for the community to enjoy. The revitalization project will improve the streetscape by adding features like new street furniture, wayfinding signs, and sidewalks.

While the project will take some time to complete, we are committed to minimizing disruptions for people living, working, and visiting downtown Brantford.

Project Vision Statement

The infrastructure needed to handle growth in the City’s core:

  • Make Downtown a destination place;
  • Enhance infrastructure for all transportation modes including pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users; and
  • Improve accessibility and safety in the core.

Project Timeline

Project design kick-off took place in January 2024.

Construction is anticipated to begin in 2025 and is expected to take up to 5 years to complete Phase One of the project.

The Evolution of Downtown Brantford

Downtown Brantford has undergone significant changes over the years to encourage growth and prosperity. These photos offer a glimpse into the past and celebrate the evolution of Downtown Brantford.

Photo Gallery: The Evolution of Downtown Brantford will appear here on the public site.


Downtown Revitalization Ambassador