Parks and Playgrounds


Community parks

Community parks are large spaces with many different things to do. They are often visited by people who live all over the city who plan to spend the day enjoying all the park has to offer. They are also destinations for many people who live out of town. Many of our community parks become locations for special events and there is always something fun going on. Our city has multiple community parks that are all different in their own way.

Neighbourhood parks 

Neighbourhood parks are smaller in size and service a smaller area of the city. These parks are walkable for those who live nearby and have a variety of things to enjoy within them. Each neighbourhood park services an area of approximately 400 to 500 m. You can use these parks for active recreation. They often have a playground or sports field. Our city has 71 neighbourhood parks.

Horticultural parks 

Enjoy passive recreation like walking your dog or sitting on a bench enjoying the mature trees and beautiful gardens in these parks. Many of our horticultural parks are open spaces with grass and decorative gardens. Very often, you will find an amazing display whether it is made of flowers or a historic artifact. The city has 20 horticultural parks.

  • Alexandra Park
  • Armories Gore
  • Bell Memorial
  • CJ’s Park
  • CNR Gore
  • Dunsdon Park
  • Edward Goold Park
  • Fordview Park
  • Glenhyrst Gardens
  • Golfdale Park
  • Jubilee Terrace
  • Lincoln Square
  • Lorne Park
  • Regent Park
  • Seneca Park
  • St. Andrew’s Park
  • Tom Thumb Park
  • Victoria Park
  • War Memorial Park
  • West St. Gore
Sports parks 

We take pride in our facilities that offer chances for a variety of sports. 

Many other neighbourhood parks have sports fields that are available for play too. Learn more.

Woodlots and open spaces 

Woodlots and open spaces are an important thing to have in the city. These spaces provide a chance for people to become more in touch with nature, get outdoors and get active. Our woodlots contain many beautiful trees some of which are even protected species. Our city has 12 designated woodlots with trails or footpaths to explore nature.

  • D’Aubigny Creek Wetlands
  • Edith Monture Forest
  • Forestwood Park
  • Franklin Grobb Memorial Forest
  • Gilkison Flats
  • Mohawk Canal
  • Mohawk Trail
  • Royal Oak Forest
  • Shellard Forest
  • North Woodlot


We are proud to provide over 60 playgrounds for you and your child(ren) to enjoy across the city. View our parks and playgrounds map to find a park near you.  Are you looking for a certain play feature such as a sand box, special swing or rock wall? You can call us or email us anytime and we are happy to provide you with more info. Have a look at our accessibile and inclusive payground listing below.

Playground locations

Andrew W. Pate Park (recently updated)

Accessible and inclusive playgrounds

Find an accessible and inclusive playground closest to you on our playgrounds map.

Our inclusive playgrounds have an engineered wood fiber surface. All playgrounds have paved pathways and accessible ground-based play features for all levels of physical abilities. They also include an accessible swing (unless otherwise noted) and a transfer station for a small slide.

Fully accessible playgrounds

An accessible playground provides everyone with equal chances to have fun. Different features provide play for different levels of physical, cognitive and social abilities. These are spaces where children and adults alike can feel fully included. They feature fully accessible rubber surfacing and ramped playground structures to ensure people of all abilities can access all the playground has to offer.

Inclusive playgrounds

An inclusive playground shares all of the same features of a fully accessible playground with the exception of rubber surfacing and ramping. The playground includes engineered wood mulch as the accessible surface instead of rubber. You also enter the playground from the ground level, not from a platform. 


Park renovation surveys

You can find updates as new Park renovation surveys becomes available on our Important Notices and Events page.

Contact us

If you have any questions about where to go or what to do, we are happy to help. Call us or email is and we will give you all the info you need for an enjoyable day in the City.