Office of the CAO

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is appointed by Council and is responsible for management of the City's daily operations. Darryl Lee is the City of Brantford's CAO.  

City programs and services

Guided by the policies and priorities of Council, the CAO leads and brings together the efforts of all departments, ensuring that the City's programs and services meet the demands and expectations of the community.

An Executive Leadership Team of five General Managers support the CAO. Each is responsible for specific service areas in each of the City's five Commissions as follows:

  • Corporate Services - City Clerk's Office, Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, Legal and Real Estate Services, I.T. Services, Customer Contact Centre
  • Community Development - Planning and Development, Building, By-law Enforcement, Economic Development and Tourism
  • Community Programs, Parks & Recreation - Parks, Recreation, Forestry, Bell Homestead, Golf Operations, Sanderson Centre 
  • Health and Human Services - Strategic Planning and Community Partnerships, Children's Services, Housing, Social Assistance and Homelessness
  • Public Works - Fleet and Transit Services, Engineering Services, Operational Services, Environmental Services, Facilities and Asset Management 

Pictured left to right above are: Catherine Brubacher, General Manager - Corporate Services, Sandy Jackson, General Manager - Community Programs, Parks and Recreation, Paul Moore, General Manager - Community Development, Darryl Lee, CAO, Josephine Atanas, General Manager - Health and Human Services, Beth Goodger, General Manager - Public Works. 

Three operational units also support the CAO: