Policy Changes during Covid-19 pandemic 

Please note that in an effort to protect the health and safety of both our citizens and staff, property tax payments will not be accepted in person at City Hall at this time. However, payments can be made online, through your financial institution, or by mail. 

Waiving of late fee penalties 

The following measures have been put in place to assist property owners who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the  Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Late payment fees will be not be added on April 1st or May 1st to accounts with unpaid property taxes from the February 28th due date and the upcoming April 29th due date.
  • Post-dated cheques on file for property taxes will still be deposited unless the property owner contacts the Property Tax Office to request the cheques be held for future deposit or returned.
  • 12-month Pre-authorized Payment Plans (PAP) and Due Date Payment Plans will proceed as scheduled but property owners can contact the Property Tax Office to suspend the plan for their accounts until further notice without penalty. Property owners on the 12-month PAP plan must notify the Property Tax Office by Thursday, March 26th if they wish to suspend their April 1st, 2020 withdrawal.
  • Late payment charges will not be charged on water/wastewater utility accounts in arrears for 120 days.
  • The $40 Non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee for returned cheques will not be charged for 120 days.

Please continue to visit for updates regarding impacts to City programs and services. 

Property Taxes 

Property taxes (comprised of residential, commercial, industrial and other tax classes) is the City's main source of revenue. They allow us to provide the important municipal programs and services you value and expect.

Calculation of Property Taxes

The City of Brantford calculates your yearly taxes based on our tax rate multiplied by the assessed value of your property

Tax Due Dates

The interim due dates for 2020 are Friday, February 28 and Wednesday, April 29.

Penalty/interest of 1.25% will be added on the day of default to any instalment, plus 1.25% on the first day of each month thereafter until paid.

If you haven't paid your taxes for 2 years, your property is eligible for tax sale by the municipality and you are responsible for our fees and cost for all notices sent to inform you of this matter. 

Payment options

You can pay your taxes through a pre-authorized payment plan, from your financial institution, in person, or by mail.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plans

Our pre-authorized tax payment plans enable you to make 12 monthly payments or four instalment payments per year that are withdrawn from your bank account and credited to your property tax account. Learn about the preauthorized payment options that we have available.

Financial Institutions

You can pay your taxes from your financial institution (banks, credit union, etc.) through online banking, telephone banking, at an automatic teller or in person. To pay your taxes through online banking you will need sign on to your financial institutions secure website and use your property specific eight digit account number. Retain your receipt.

In person

You may pay your taxes at Brantford City Hall, on 100 Wellington Square. We have an after-hours drop-box to the left of the front entrance of City Hall.

You can leave post-dated cheques and the payment stubs for both instalments early to avoid missing the due dates. Please do not put cash in the drop-box.

Hours of operation

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Mortgage Company

If your taxes are paid by a mortgage company and you receive a tax bill/statement promptly forward it to their office. You may request one free statement/bill from the tax office per year.

Rebates, write-offs and deferrals

If you feel that the assessment of your property is incorrect, appeals can be made to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Appeal forms can be viewed and downloaded from the MPAC website

If there is a change in the status of your property due to damage by fire, demolition, change in use, etc., notice in writing must be given in-person to City Hall or by email Tax Office using the Section 357 Application. The appeal can then be prepared and presented to City Council for a tax adjustment. 

If you or your spouse are in receipt of benefits from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), or are a low-income senior in receipt of benefits under the Guaranteed Annual Income System (GAINS), you can apply for a deferral of taxes

Learn about the rebates and write-offs that are available to help you with paying taxes. 

For Registered Charities in Commercial or Industrial Class Properties, you can submit a Property Tax Rebate Application.

Request a Tax Bill or Tax Account Statement

If you need a copy of a previous tax bill or current tax account statement, you can submit a request for copy of tax bill or tax account statement form

Authorizing an Owner's Representative

If you, as the owner of a property require someone else to discuss your tax account with the Property Tax Office, please complete the form Authorizing an Owner's Representative and Email Tax Office. Alternatively, please call 519-759-4150 speak to someone in the Property Tax Office.

Ordering a tax certificate

Tax certificates are generally purchased by lawyers or financial institutions in order to determine the annual taxes and the current balance of a tax account. Learn how you can request a property tax certificate.

Sale of properties for tax arrears

Tenders are invited and will be received until 3:00 p.m. local time on Monday, June 3, 2019 at the Reception of the City of Brantford Purchasing Division Office. Visit our Brantford Bids and Tenders page for more details. 

Tax rates

Review the City of Brantford's 2019 Tax Rates for each property class.

Past tax rates

View our past tax rates: