Bulk Water Filling Station

The City of Brantford has a bulk water station located by the Works Yard at the end of Earl Avenue. Please see our Bulk Water Filling Station Reference Guide for more information.

You can pre-purchase bulk water from our Customer Services department, located at Brantford City Hall.

Prepaid smart card

The prepaid smart card allows you to access water at the station. You must load the card with a minimum of $100.

How to apply

Please bring us your completed bulk water smart card application to get your card and choose your PIN number. You can apply in person at Brantford City Hall. There is a $30 fee to set up an account and a $20 deposit for each card.

Your application must be signed by the person who is responsible for payment.

Filling instructions

You can press the stop/reset button to stop the flow of water at any time.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Shut off your vehicle's engine and park.
  2. Connect the 80 mm (3 inch) adaptor from filling station to your vehicle's coupler.
  3. Insert your smart card and enter your PIN number.
  4. Enter the volume of water in litres and press enter (ENT).

If you make a mistake, press clear (CLR) and re-enter the correct amount.