The Brantford Fire Department has 7 divisions:

  1. Strategic Leadership and Administration
  2. Fire Communications
  3. Fire Prevention
  4. Suppression
  5. Fleet and Facilities
  6. Professional Qualifications and Standards
  7. Emergency Management

Strategic Leadership and Administration

The Strategic Leadership and Administration division has 6 staff members who provide administrative assistance to the whole department. The division also include a shared emergency management program manager with the County of Brant.


  • Preparation and management of budgets
  • Fulfilling purchase requirements, payments and accounting services
  • Maintaining facilities and coordinating repairs
  • Recruitment
  • Processing payroll
  • IT Services
  • Emergency management program development

Fire Communications

The Fire Communications division has 8 Communications Centre Operators, with 2 assigned to each platoon.


  • Dispatch emergency apparatus to incidents
  • Communicating with apparatus during alarms
  • Maintaining records
  • Maintaining current information on apparatus status
  • Relaying information about hazardous materials to responding apparatus
  • Maintaining emergency contact information and maps

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention division enforces the Ontario Fire Code and Fire Protection and Prevention Act. They also carry out fire investigations and deliver educational training. The division has 1 chief fire prevention officer, and 6 fire prevention officers.


  • Compiling department data
  • Addressing complaints and inquires on smoke alarms, electrical items and fire hazards
  • Inspections to ensure compliance with the Ontario Fire Code
  • Liquor licence approvals
  • Fire investigations
  • Business license inspections
  • Public education

Educational programs:

  • Children's Safety Village, for grades kindergarten, 2, 4 and 6
  • The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C)
  • World Series of Fire Safety
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Seminar
  • Industrial Training Programs


The Suppression division fights fires and deals with other emergencies .


  • Fire suppression activities
  • Water and ice rescue
  • Rescuing trapped or injured people
  • Providing emergency medical services
  • Accident extrication
  • Public education about fire safety
  • Home fire safety visits
  • Handling public relations

Fleet and Facilities

The Fleet and Facilities division maintains the department's vehicles and facilities.


  • Ongoing vehicle and facility maintenance and repair
  • Conducting an annual inspection of vehicles and equipment
  • Preventative vehicle maintenance programs
  • Researching and preparing apparatus replacement specifications
  • Repairing fire hoses and other components
  • Recalibrating multi-gas detection units
  • Assisting with creating procedures for equipment usage and maintenance

Professional Qualifications and Standards

The Professional Qualifications and Standards division is responsible for developing programs and training our personnel.


  • Conducting exams for classification promotions
  • Conducting licence classification examinations
  • Career development
  • Maintaining department training records
  • Training program development
  • Fireground emergency operations training
  • Medical training