Environmental Recognition Awards

The City’s Environmental Policy Advisory Committee presents Environmental Recognition Awards annually to adults and youths who have demonstrated environmental leadership.

Nominations are accepted all year and are reviewed annually every March. Awards are distributed at a City Council Meeting near Earth Week.


You can nominate yourself or anyone else by filling out the nomination form. Some questions do not apply to all categories and can be left blank. Please provide supporting documents (if available) and provide contact information for yourself and the nominee. 

Selection process

Awards are chosen based on specific evaluation criteria. Please review our Environmental Award Categories and Evaluation Criteria document for an overview of how award winners are selected.

Eligibility requirements and rules

Please review our Environmental Recognition Award Eligibility Requirements and Rules document for a full listing of requirements.

  • Individuals who are nominated must be a resident of the City of Brantford. If he or she is not, the project must directly contribute to improving the environment in Brantford.
  • Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by another person or group.
  • No project is too big or too small.
  • The Environmental Policy Advisory Committee will assess nominations.
  • The Committee is not obligated to issue awards in all categories regardless of applications received and holds the right to issue more than one award in any category.
  • Previous recipients of the Environmental Recognition Award are eligible for nomination again.
  • Elected officials are not eligible for the Environmental Recognition Award.
  • City of Brantford agencies, boards, commissions, special purpose bodies and City divisions are not eligible for the Award.


The Committee encourages nominations of individuals who have demonstrated leadership in projects that resulted in measurable improvements in preservation, conservation, sustainability, education, advocacy, green infrastructure, or environmental clean ups and restoration. A full listing of award categories is available below:

Lifetime Achievement
Lifetime Achievement honours an individual who has made a substantial contribution to green/environmental issues over many years, typically after many years of activity and measurable improvements in sustainability, education, advocacy, green infrastructure, or environmental clean ups and restoration. A minimum of 10 years of service is required for this award.
Green Non-profit in Brantford
Green Non-profit in Brantford recognizes a government agency, institution or non-profit organization for its contribution to maintaining a healthy environment. This is typically where educational and healthcare projects may apply. Examples include community gardens, community clean ups, initiatives which preserve and/or restore local ecosystems and wildlife habitats, and activism to establish and sustain protected areas. This also includes examples of non-profits that are taking the lead in improving the environmental sustainability of their products/services, administrative policies, programs and/or operations.
Green Business in Brantford

Green Business in Brantford honours a business for its focus on the green/environmental health of Brantford. This award recognizes businesses for excellence in green practices, strategies and products that benefit the City of Brantford. Examples of businesses eligible for this award include those that are taking the lead in improving the environmental sustainability of their products/services, business practices, programs and/or operations.

Greenest Family in Brantford
Greenest Family in Brantford recognizes a family for outstanding achievement in reducing its environmental footprint. These measures are limited to the family practices but might include an improved streetscape, water reductions, energy efficiency, clean ups and restorations of natural habitats, natural gardening practices and/or street wide green awareness.
Environmental Volunteer

Environmental Volunteer recognizes those involved in environmental initiatives as a volunteer. This would apply to tree planting, river clean ups, awareness raising and advocacy through an organization, non-profit or institution. These are unpaid volunteer hours for green/environmental actions and projects.

Young Environmental Champion Awards
The Young Environmental Champion Awards recognize the leadership of young people in projects that create a cleaner, greener Brantford. Examples of projects eligible for this award include those which naturalize school grounds, reduce waste, recycle, conserve energy, protect wildlife, fundraise, and educate others. Students are typically nominated by a teacher, parent, peers or educator.
Young Environmental Champion Awards– Elementary Age

Young Environmental Champion – Elementary Age recognizes children aged 6 to 13 years who demonstrate environmental leadership and impact.

Young Environmental Champion – Secondary Age
Young Environmental Champion – Secondary Age recognizes young people aged 14 to 18 years who demonstrate environmental leadership and impact. Brantford’s youth are passionately involved in a variety of environmental initiatives within their schools, communities and organizations.

Past award winners

The following individuals and organizations have been recognized for their environmental efforts:

MEA Health Corporation: Green Business Award

Bob Scott: Life Time Achievement Award

Charlotte DeVries (Russell Reid Elementary School): Young Environmental Champion

Echo Place School (Intermediate Social Justice Summit): Young Environmental Champions

Grace Powless (Russell Reid Elementary): Young Environmental Champion

Hannah Clark (Russell Reid Elementary): Young Environmental Champion

Michaela Kargus (Russell Reid Elementary School): Young Environmental Champion

Onondaga-Brant School (Intermediate Social Justice): Young Environmental Champion

Patia Karmiris (Russell Reid Elementary School): Young Environmental Champion

Victoria Windle (Russell Reid Elementary School): Young Environmental Champion

Ferrero Canada: Green Business Award

Mercasa Little Italy Eatery: Green Business Award


Andrew Tonkin: Green Volunteer Award
Wessuc Inc.: Green Business Award
Laurier EcoHawks: Green Non-Profit Award
Major Ballachey School: Young Environmental Champions


Grand River Community Health Centre: Green Non-Profit Award
Children's Safety Village: Water/Energy Efficiency Award
Hematite Manufacturing: Green Business Award
Green Mantra Technologies: Green Business Awards
Nicole DiFillipo: Green Volunteer Award
Wessuc Inc: Honourable Mention
ProQuip International: Honourable Mention


King George Public School: Young Environmental Champion - Elementary Age 
Grand Erie Learning Alternatives (GELA): Young Environmental Champion – Secondary Age and Green Non-profit


Grace Zhou: Young Environmental Champion - Secondary Age 
Green Team Bellview School: Young Environmental Champion - Secondary Age 
Pauline Johnson Collegiate: Green Non-Profit 
Tom Sitak : Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award
Brantford Garden Club Water/Energy Efficiency 
Mr. Narine Dat Sookram: Honorable Mentioned - environmental awareness and recycling


Tracey Bucci: Volunteer Category
Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus: Green Non-Profit Category


Reuben DeBoer: Youth Leadership Category
Doris Myke: Adult Leadership Category