Fire Prevention and Service Fees

Fire Prevention Fee Schedule

FeeTotal Amount with HST
Open Air Burning Permit  $257.50
File Search Letter   $156.39
Fire Incident Summary Report  $156.39
Liquor Licence Letter   $74.00
Retrofit 9.5 Inspection & Documentation   $296.00
Retrofit 9.8 Inspection & Documentation   $222.00
Temporary Vendor's Permit (Fireworks) 


Routine Fire Code Compliance Inspections and Documentation are $222.00 minimum, with Re-inspections being a minimum of $74.00.

Other fees, including Hazardous Materials Response, Fire Watch/Scene Security, and Special Occasion attendance of Fire Department Personnel and Vehicles cost $559.86 for the first hour and $279.93 for each additional half an hour.

Fire Route By-Law

For inclusion in the City of Brantford Fire Route bylaw you must provide a site plan on paper measuring 8 1/2" x 11" showing the location of the building's internal roads and fire hydrants to the Brantford Fire Department. A fee of $196.46 + $25.54(HST) must be paid to the Brantford Fire Department as well.

Selling of Fireworks

Be advised that under Brantford Municipal Code Chapter 520, fireworks cannot be sold in the City of Brantford at any time except on Victoria Day and Canada Day and five calendar days preceding these holidays. 

  • The selling of firecrackers is prohibited.
  • The selling of fireworks to persons under 18 years of age is prohibited.