Tribute Options and Guidelines

Let us help remember and honour your loved one with one of our lot service program options.

Lot service program

We'll provide the beautiful flowers and maintain them for you so you have peace of mind from June to September.

Our dedicated and caring staff will provide all the needed maintenance throughout the summer including; daily watering, deadheading, pruning and fertilizing.

This program is perfect for those who may find it a challenge to keep plants and gardens alive during the hot summer months or for those who live out of town or out of the country.

Purchase options

  • Option1: A beautiful mixed flower arrangement in a holder-style plant stand or on a hanging-style shepherd’s hook.  The pots are placed on June 1 and maintained until September 30. Cost: $71.30 plus HST
  • Option 2: A beautiful mixed flowerbed planted in front of the headstone. (This option is for plots with headstones only.) Cost: $171.24 plus HST

Once you have ordered you are automatically added to our mailing list and will receive renewal applications every year for your convenience.

Your loved ones will have a beautifully serviced grave and you will have peace of mind.

Products available to purchase 

We provide a variety of options to commemorate your loved one(s). Call us or email us to purchase any of the options below.

Wreaths $35.62 to $43.68 plus HST

We offer 18" and 20" circular wreaths on a tripod wire stand.They are available from November 1 to March 31 only. 

Saddle Wreaths $62.61 plus HST

Saddle wreaths for upright monuments are available year-round.

Benches $1866.48 plus HST

We have grey granite benches available to commemorate your loved one(s). They are 48 inches high by 16 inches wide, and four inches thick. Your one line etched inscription can be a maximum of 45 characters. Please note that it takes eight weeks to process and install the bench, and a $200.00 deposit is required at the time of order. We do our best to meet your location requests but some locations may not be available.

Tree planting and plaque $1001.65 plus HST

This includes your choice of trees approximately six inches to eight inches high. We will plant your tree, and print and install your plaque. Plaques are bronze in colour and measure nine inches by five inches, and are mounted on a granite cube. Your message can be four lines long. There is two years warranty on new trees.

Tree planting only $637.45 plus HST

Includes your choice of tree approximately six inches to eight inches high. We will plant the tree. The tree is under warranty for two years.

Existing tree and plaque $637.45 plus HST

Includes your choice of existing trees on the cemetery grounds. We will print and install your plaque. Plaques are bronze in colour and measure nine inches by five inches. You can have four lines, 45 characters each in your message that will be mounted on a granite cube.

Cemetery guidelines


The City of Brantford is not responsible for any damage to lots or structures and objects, flowers, shrubs, decorations or articles placed on or removed from any lot. We will be responsible for damage to lots, monuments or markers caused by our staff or contractors we have hired.

Prohibited lot decorations

  • Candles and candleholders
  • Copings, fences, curbs, steps or glass
  • In-ground vases
  • Stone chips or flowerbed borders
  • Symbols or signs that are not approved monuments
  • Wood structures or equally perishable materials

Approved flat marker lot decorations

We will approve lot decorations during the times listed below on lots with flat markers:

  • Pot stands (hanging or holder style) from June 1 to October 1
  • Potted plants two days prior to and four days following Easter, Mother's day, Father's day and Christmas day
  • Saddle wreaths from November 1 to March 31
  • Wreaths on wire tripod stands from November 1 to March 31

Approved flowerbeds (upright monuments)

We allow flowerbeds no wider than the width of the monument, and not more than 12 inches out from the front of the monument.

Lot decoration removals

Any decorations which are prohibited or we feel become unsightly, unkempt, or considered dangerous will be removed and disposed of.