Cemeteries and Genealogy

The City of Brantford operates and maintains five cemeteries:

Beth David Cemetery is not owned by the City. Email Beth David Cemetery if you have questions about this cemetery.

Cemetery services

We offer a variety of services to assist you:

Find a loved one who is deceased 

If you are looking for a loved one, we can help. Contact our office with the full name of the deceased person and date of their death.

Looking to use existing interment rights

Please call our office if you are looking to use a loved one's lot for an interment and would like more information. 

Care and maintenance

We make sure that all of our cemeteries are properly maintained. We have special funds in place to ensure they are always well kept.

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario regulates cemetery operations in Ontario. The City of Brantford is legally required to follow the Funeral, Burial and Cremations Services Act.

A portion of your purchase of interment rights is used for the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery and lots as per legislation.

A portion of every monument or marker payment is legislated to go to the maintenance of the markers and monuments.