Active Transportation

Active transportation is any form of people-powered transportation like walking, cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, and wheelchair use. This can include walking to a bus stop or cycling to work or school.

The City is working to make travel by active modes the preferred choice for residents, especially for trips within five km. If more people choose people-powered transportation over driving, we can help ease congestion on city streets, create a cleaner environment, and support a healthier community. Learn more about the City's active and sustainable transportation options.

Youtube video: Tips for Active Transportation in Brantford

Youtube video: Discover the joy of Active Transportation

How the City is supporting active transportation initiatives:

  • We are working with partners to educate citizens about how to share the road safely with cyclists, how to ride safely and how to prevent collisions.
  • We have committed to various planning principles such as Vision Zero and Complete Streets to guide the way we build our streets and our City.
  • We are updating our Transportation Master Plan to equally consider all transportation modes and to place priority on sustainable transportation (walking, cycling, transit).
  • We are continuing to build on the cycling and pedestrian network by adding more bike lanes, building multi-use paths and encouraging developments to provide better pedestrian/cycling environments.