Aircraft Services

The Brantford Flight Centre provides and manages the Fixed Base Operator

(FBO) services for the Brantford Municipal Airport. We are able to provide a wide range of services to accommodate your requests:

  • 100LL (Avgas)
  • JA-1 (including PRIST)
  • mogas
  • hangar space (heated)
  • oil (most general aviation grades)
  • Customs Port of Entry (CANPASS)

Crew Services

From a Piper Cub to a Gulfstream GV, the Brantford Flight Centre is able to accommodate many different aircraft requirements:

  • pilot/executive lounge
  • computerized flight planning
  • catering
  • ice, coffee, and water
  • free Wi-Fi
  • computerized weather services

Qualified aviation mechanics and aircraft maintenance services

The following aircraft maintenance facilities are located at the Brantford Municipal Airport:

Brantford Flight Centre - Maintenance Aircraft Inspection and Repair

The Brantford Flight Centre operates a Transport Canada approved maintenance organization (AMO) in support of both small private and commercial aircraft. We service many different models of aircraft for club members and non-members alike.
Our friendly staff can provide you with a fair quote before any work is started so that you know what to expect.


Tim Powell


Brant Aero - Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics

Brantford Air Centre Limited is an Ontario Incorporation carrying on business as and is more commonly known as Brant Aero. We have been operating since 1972 and enjoy an outstanding reputation providing Quality Services. Credit goes to every one of our employees and the high standard of customer service that we provide. We represent all leading avionics manufacturers, specialize in new panel design & installations, major mods, avionics bench repairs, maintenance, and aircraft sales including importing and exporting aircraft from around the world. From simple upgrades and repairs to full panel overhauls, our avionics services include panel design & manufacture, installation and maintenance and repairs of most avionics systems on the market today. Our maintenance department is trained on a vast selection of general aviation piston aircraft, and turbo-prop and turbine powered aircraft.



Nelles Aviation Ltd. - Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

Robert Nelles and Tom Keen are pilots and aircraft owners, and are responsible for all light aircraft under 12,000 lbs. Nelles Aviation looks after privately owned powered aircraft, gliders and high performance gliders, and specialize in pre-war fabric aircraft inspection and repair, as well as all Socata “EADS” Caribbean series aircraft. The shop is an open concept facility and you are welcome to participate.



Gilbert Custom Aircraft

Gilbert Custom Aircraft offers a wide range of services to the homebuilt, owner maintenance and ultra-light markets. For the past 30 years, Darryl Gilbert has been a part of the Brantford aviation community offering engine overhaul and maintenance service, as well as builder support and instruction in aircraft fabrication. With the addition of Ray Cameron, Gilbert Custom aircraft has widened its scope and now offers a wide range of professional services. With services like engine overhaul, fabric and paint, sheet metal structures, welding, rigging and avionics/electrical, you will find everything you need to complete your project and get into the air.



Brantford Flying Club 

The Brantford Flying Club is one of Canada's oldest established flying clubs and offers excellent facilities for leisure flying, flight training and aircraft servicing.

The Brantford Flying Club is comprised of well over two hundred members, and has a fleet of Cessna 152s, Cessna 172s, Cessna 172RG aircrafts. The Flight Centre houses a well-equipped aircraft maintenance facility, terminal building, passenger lounge, and ground school classroom.

The Flight Centre's aircraft are available for rental, charter, or contract aerial patrols. The Brantford Flight Centre is the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at the Brantford Municipal Airport. Aircraft servicing including 100LL, Jet-A1, Premium Automotive Fuel and a wide variety of lubricants.

Phone: 519-753-2521
Fax: 519-753-3617

On-site Flight Training

The Brantford Flight Centre has qualified flight instructors on staff offering flight training on-site at the Brantford Municipal Airport.


Phone: 519-753-2521
Fax: 519-753-3617

Skyway Café and Catering 

The Skyway Café is a favourite destination for pilots and is located in the Brantford Flying Club's terminal.



Brantford Location

110 Aviation Ave, Brantford, Ontario
Inside Brantford Flight Centre
Hours: Open Daily 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
519 759-7779

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Tilsonburg Location

244411 Airport Road, South-West Oxford
Inside Tillsonburg Airport
Thursday to Sunday, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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