Bus Rules

The City of Brantford's Transit services allow you to travel throughout the city. Using transit also helps reduce traffic and air pollution.


See information about our accessible transit services.


Priority seating

Priority seating is located at the front of the bus. These seats are for passengers who are differently abled. You must give up your seat for somebody who needs it if this does not apply to you.

Courtesy seating

Courtesy seating is located at the front of the bus. It is for:

  • Seniors.
  • Expectant mothers.
  • Adults traveling small children.

You should offer your seat to somebody who needs it, but is not mandatory. Please be aware of the priority and courtesy seating signs on the bus.


  • The driver will not assist you in loading or unloading your bike.
  • You must load your bike onto the bike rack after the bus safely stops at your stop.
  • Lower the rack, place your bike securely and put the support arm over your tire.
  • You cannot load motorized bikes onto the bus.
  • Do not lock your bike wheels.
  • If somebody else also loads or unloads their bike, make sure that your bike doesn't cause them any inconvenience.
  • You cannot obstruct the driver's view
  • Put bike rack back up once your bike has been removed.

Strollers and utility carts

  • You can bring single or double strollers and rolling utility carts (2 feet by 3 feet), on the bus.
  • Make sure your stroller or cart doesn't hit anyone or isn't in anyone's way.
  • You may use the space available for wheelchairs unless it is occupied. You may also have to move your stroller or cart if someone who needs this space comes on the bus.
  • Secure the stroller or cart before the bus starts moving.

Roller skates and knapsacks

  • You must take off knapsacks and rollers skates while you are on the bus.
  • Keep them with you and wear them only after you get off the bus.

Larger objects

  • You cannot bring large items such as skis or toboggans on the bus.


  • You can only bring service animals on the bus.

Food and drinks

  • You cannot eat food on the bus.
  • You can drink non-alcoholic drinks on the bus.


  • You cannot smoke on any of the Brantford Transit buses or Terminals.

Exiting the bus

  • Use only the back door to exit the bus.
  • Only seniors, passengers with strollers or passengers with a mobility issue can exit from the front door.