Rules of the Road

The health and safety of residents is a key priority for the City of Brantford and the primary objective of implementation of the City's  Vision Zero initiative that focuses on safety, education and the wellbeing of all citizens and visitors. Establishing and communicating the rules of our roads and trails is an important step in preventing accidents and injuries. 

Rules of the road

All users of the road must follow these rules:

  • People using assisted motorized devices, such as mobility scooters and wheelchairs must follow the same rules as pedestrians and should slow down and remain on sidewalks where sidewalks are in place.
  • Those with mobility devices should use the sidewalk when available and avoid traveling on roadways or in bike lanes.
  • E-bikes and bicycles are treated as vehicles under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and must obey the rules of the road like all vehicles do. Bike lanes should be used when available.
  • When a bike lane is not available, cyclists should keep to one side of the road if safe to do so but may also occupy the full lane as required to avoid conflicts such as parked cars or while in narrow lanes.
  • Cars passing a cyclist should only do so when safe and must keep at least a one-metre separation from cyclists.
  • Skateboards and motorized skateboards are only permitted on sidewalks. However, skateboarding is prohibited within the downtown core, which is bounded by Nelson Street, Alfred Street, Colborne Street, Icomm Drive, Brant Avenue and West Street.
  • Drivers are reminded to obey speed limits and parking regulations, especially near schools.
  • At the intersection of North Park Street and Memorial Drive, a bike box is provided for cyclists to facilitate a safe, prioritized left turn movement. Cyclists are to queue ahead of vehicle traffic during the red signal, and will proceed ahead of motor vehicles on the green signal.

Rules on trails

Respecting rules and etiquette on trails will help avoid conflicts or injuries so everyone can enjoy trails equally and safely.

  • Bicycles are allowed on multi-use trails unless otherwise noted.
  • ATV's, motorcycles, e-bikes, motorized bikes, or snowmobiles not permitted on trails.
  • Motorized wheelchairs and scooters used for accessibility are allowed.
  • Call out or use a bell before passing someone on the trail on your bike.
  • Pedestrians should move to one side (preferably the right hand side) to allow cyclists to pass.
  • Use a light and wear bright clothes at night.
  • Wear a helmet while biking.
  • Camping, hunting and fires are not allowed.
  • Always be prepared to stop if a trail is damaged or blocked.
  • Respect all posted signs and laws.
  • Stay on the trail.
  • Keep your pet on a leash and pick up after them.
  • Use the trash cans for your garbage.


 Bike Lane Sign
Indicates that lanes are reserved for use by bicycles only. Bike Lane Sign
 Contraflow Bicycle Lane Sign
Contraflow Bicycle Lane SignOn-street with contra-flow bicycle lane, cyclists are permitted to travel in both directions while motorists are restricted to one direction only. Cyclists travelling in the opposite direction of traffic (or “contra-flow”) must use the designated lane provided.
 Bicycle Excepted Sign
Bicycles ExceptedFor a one-way street with a contra-flow lane travelling in the opposite direction of motor traffic, the “Bicycles Excepted” sign is installed. This identified to motor vehicles that they cannot legally travel in the specified direction while allowing cyclists to use the designated contraflow facility.
 Share the Road Sign
Share The RoadMotorists are reminded to provide adequate space for cyclists and to use extra caution where these signs are posted. Motorists must always share the road, whether these signs are displayed or not.
 Turning Vehicles Yield to Bicycles Sign
Turning Vehicles Yield to Bicycles SignThis sign is used at intersections where motorists permissively turn across a cycling facility and are required to yield to the cyclist that might be going straight.
 Bike Route Marker Sign
Bike Route Marker SignCommunicates to people riding bikes that they are on a roadway within a shared-use roadway that is designated as a bicycle route within a cycling network.
 Shared Pathway Sign
Shared Pathway SignInstalled along in-boulevard multi-use paths to indicate that users are expected to share the space on the path. Users of all types may be using these pathways including cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs, skateboards, and rollerblades.
 Bicycle Path Crossing Side Street Sign
 Bicycle Path Crossing Side Street SignThis sign lets drivers know which side of the intersection cyclists will be crossing.
 Crossing Ahead Signs
 Crossing Ahead SignsPedestrian and cyclist crossing ahead.
 Slow Watch for Turning Vehicles Sign
 Slow Watch for Turning Vehicles SignSlow down when approaching an intersection and look for vehicles that may turn into your path.