Clearing Sidewalks

The City of Brantford clears and treats sidewalks in the downtown business district and any sidewalks that are in front of any City-owned property, which includes our parks, facilities, bridges, signalized intersections and pedestrian crossings. 
It is the responsibility of the property owner and occupants to clear snow and ice within 24 hours after the end of a snow event to ensure the safety of everyone in our community. Please see the City's Municipal Code articles 614.8.1 and 614.8.3, for more information.

Sidewalk Clearing Notice

If you do not clear your sidewalk of snow and ice within 24 hours after the end of a snow event you may receive a Sidewalk Clearing Notice.

The notice provides you 24 hours from the time it was issued to clear your sidewalk of snow and ice.

Failure to clear your sidewalk of snow and ice after receiving a Sidewalk Clearing Notice will result in the City of Brantford clearing the sidewalk of snow and ice and the property owner being invoiced as per the City of Brantford Fees and Charges By-law.

Snow clearing tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind when clearing snow and ice:

  • Do not blow or place snow on any roadway. Blow or place snow onto the boulevard or your own front or side yard
  • Keep children off of snow banks to prevent them from slipping into the path of vehicles and snow removal equipment.
  • Do not let children tunnel into snow banks. The snow can collapse or be pushed back by snow removal equipment
  • On your scheduled waste collection day, make sure that your bags, containers and blue boxes are visible. Do not place items on top of snow banks or behind snow banks where waste collectors cannot see them
  • Reduce the risk of injury related to snow shovelling by viewing the Brant County Health Unit's snow shovelling precautions.
  • If there is a fire hydrant on your property, please remove snow and ice from around the fire hydrant.

  • Placing snow or ice over top of a drain, sewer, catch basin or culvert to prevent flooding

    and property damage