Wayfinding Signs

On-road Active Transportation wayfinding signs

The City of Brantford has designed a new system of wayfinding signs that will be installed throughout the City on the on-road active transportation routes. These signs highlight safe routes for both cyclists and pedestrians and provide information about nearby destinations. 

Creating a cohesive cycling network

Wayfinding signs will create a greater level of legibility and understanding of the on-road active transportation network and will assist both residents and visitors in easily navigating their way to major points of destinations in the City. Some of these destinations include City-owned facilities, community centers, parks, schools, Brantford Hospital, Brant Conservation Area, Lynden Park Mall, and other cycling- and pedestrian-friendly routes. 

These signs will initially be implemented on the following seven  core active transportation corridors in the City:

Wayfinding Sign Sample

  • North Park Street/Memorial Drive Corridor
  • Erie Avenue Corridor
  • Veterans Memorial Parkway Trail System
  • Shellard Lane Corridor
  • Wayne Gretzky Parkway Multi-Use Path
  • Garden Avenue Corridor
  • Brantwood Park Road Corridor


Be sure to look for the new signs when cycling and walking around the City.