Brantford 2050

The City of Brantford landscape with text that reads Brantford 2050: Mapping our path forward

This summer, we are beginning an exciting process of engaging the community to help us plan for our city's future. The development of a new City of Brantford Vision, "Brantford 2050: Mapping Our Path Forward Together" is an important opportunity to imagine the future of Brantford, and establish an updated mission, vision and values statement that guides City of Brantford planning and prioritizing over the next several decades.

With our city experiencing unprecedented growth, alongside challenges like housing affordability, climate issues, and social changes, now is the time for us to shape Brantford's future hand in hand with the community.

Let's talk about a Brantford 2050 that is inclusive and forward-thinking, laying the groundwork for the next generation. Our goal? To build a city that's for everyone, where we care for both our community and our environment.

To ensure the community’s vital input is integrated into the eventual City of Brantford 2050 Vision document, we’re beginning an extensive community-wide conversation, and we want to hear your thoughts about these key areas of focus:

  • Business and industry
  • Climate and sustainability
  • Fostering a welcoming and diverse community
  • Transit and infrastructure
  • Tourism, sport and culture
  • Supporting our most vulnerable citizens

Be part of this exciting vision-building process by telling us what you think at our Let's Talk Brantford project page.

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