Environmental Assessment Projects

An Environmental Assessment is a process set out by the Provincial Government under the Environmental Assessment Act which requires that governments and public bodies consider potential environmental effects before construction of an infrastructure project begins.

A Municipal Class Environmental Assessment is a document that sets out a standardized planning process for groups of activities which are carried out routinely and have predictable environmental effects that can be readily managed.

Projects can be identified as either a Schedule A, A+, B or C. The schedule letter indicates a grouping of projects and activities with a similar anticipated magnitude of environmental impact and level of complexity. In specific cases, a project may have a greater environmental impact than indicated by the Schedule, in such cases the City may at its discretion, change the project status to a higher schedule (e.g. a schedule A+ project might be raised to a B or C schedule project).

An Environmental Study Report will be prepared and posted for public review and comment once the study has been completed. The report will detail the planning process and provide the preferred alternative. A Notice of Completion will be issued at that time.

Outlined below is a list of current ongoing Environmental Assessment Projects. For current public consultation opportunities, please check the City Public Information Session calendar.